First Guest Post from Decor And The Dog!

As I’ve started blogging there have been some other blogs that I have started following. There have been a few that stood out and I love to check back on. Decor And The Dog is one of those blogs. There are lots of fun projects and well she is a dog person so I was hooked! I am happy to introduce you to Michelle from Decor And The Dog. Hope you enjoy the quick and easy how to! (I think chalkboard paint is in my near future!)

Hi!  I’m Michelle from Decor and the Dog and I’m excited to be guest posting on Fabulous 50s Housewife today! 
When Nicole e-mailed me she stated that I “make everything look simple.”  I should do a better job of posting about my decorating meltdowns…or you can ask my husband, Nate.
Today I am going to share with you one of my “easy” projects.
I was seeing chalkboard paint EVERYWHERE.  I wanted to try it but I wasn’t brave enough for a chalkboard wall.  I decided to start small.
I purchased this $2.00 frame from the Salvation Army (one of my favorite stores…Nate thinks I need a frequent shopper’s discount!)….
March2011 015
I taped it up good…
March2011 017
I grabbed my recently purchased Rust-Oleum Chalkboard Paint and started spraying away…in the grass…so I didn’t get yelled at for spray painting things that I shouldn’t…not that I do…
April 2011 067
April 2011 069
I ended up getting some spray paint on the frame so I applied a light coat of cream paint (after a small meltdown).  I then I had a pretty chalkboard frame for under $7.00.  Is it sad that the spray paint cost more than my frame?
April 2011 023
April 2011 022
We eat fancy at Decor and the Dog..can you tell? 🙂
Having a chalkboard in the kitchen area will be nice for writing down menus, grocery lists, welcome notes to guests, etc.
Hope you enjoyed this quick tutorial on the wonders of chalkboard paints. I have more plans for the remainder of the can!
Thanks for having me, Nicole!


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  1. Wow, it sounds like such an easy way to make a chalk board! How unfortunate that I took some old frames to the local charity shop just recently or I would have tried it, too. Maybe, it’s time revisit the op shop and buy back some of my own frames…

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