Don’t Spend More Than You Have To!

Today’s post will be brief and straight to the point. Don’t spend more than you have to! The example I want to go over is when you are checking out at a grocery store or any store for that matter.

This last weekend for grocery shopping we decided to purchase some olive oil. We weren’t out, but we were close and we had a coupon. We were just going to get the small oil for 8 dollars and change with our dollar off coupon. When I was grabbing for the smaller oil container I saw right next to it a larger oil (almost 2 times the size) normally for 12.00 but on sale for 7.50!

I did a double take of the price and saw that the larger oil was on sale for LESS than the smaller bottle! I quickly grabbed the last of the last of the larger bottles and we finished our weekly shopping trip.

When I got home and was in process of putting away our groceries I did a double-check of our bill. I was charged the FULL price! Now usually, if it was off by a few cents I’m not doing to drive back to the store for a 20 cent credit, but we were talking almost 5.00 dollars!

After quickly verifying the price the clerk refunded me the overcharge on the price with an apology. So I guess in total it is 2 ways to make sure you don’t spend more than you have to.

1) Watch for deals when purchasing items. Sometimes olive oil, toilet paper or who knows what else will have a special on the larger quantity making it cheaper than the smaller quantity! Seriously why spend more for less? Check end caps and sale stickers and see if you can find a good deal!

2) Also watch the receipts. The checkers are human just like the rest of us and I doubt that they know every single price and sale price in the store. If you are expecting a sale or discount on an item watch and make sure it is rang up correctly, no matter where you are shopping!

And that is my tip for saving money on Monday! I hope you had a great weekend and were able to check out the first guest post last week from Decor and the Dog! If not here is the link.

Have a Happy Monday and let me know if you have caught any great deals with either method above!


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    • Thank you for stopping by! I’m still finding ways to cut the grocery bill! I think it will be a never ending battle 😦
      Glad you enjoyed the tips!

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