New Foods & New Friends

Hubby and I live in a military town. If you haven’t lived in one, or are not familiar with one the biggest thing you should know is that there is a HUGE turnover rate. Usually by the time you really get to know someone they are getting their next duty station and are packing up their house.

A positive way to look at it, is that the more friends you develop the more places you will have to stay for free when you travel! 🙂 That obviously isn’t the only reason. It can be lonely for new military people who come into a town having just left all their previously made friends and don’t know a single person in town. This can be true of anywhere if someone just recently moved to a new place though.

An awesome thing about church is it can be a great place to meet new people who have just come to town. We invited one new couple over for dinner. (Something we are trying to do on a regular basis.) Never quite sure what to expect when you are starting the get to know you process, I was pleasantly surprised when we spent the whole night talking and laughing so hard that my abs literally hurt the next day.

Dinner tablephoto © 2008 Kari | more info (via: Wylio)

Since then we have had movie dates and even another play date where we let our dogs meet and have a doggy date as well! Last night we had a return invitation for dinner. (It is always nice when you invite someone over for dinner and they invite you back to their house later!) We tried coos coos for the first time and it was delicious! Plus finding another dog that we can have ours socialize with is awesome!

Summary of this little adventure is that sometimes we need to step outside the box, out of our comfort zone and make the effort to be the friend that we hope someone else would be to us! While we might not hit it off with everyone and be lifelong friends, we might miss a new potential friend that you will still be keeping in contact with when you are 80! So next time you see a new face at church or in the work place and they are trying to figure out their new city. Think about inviting them over for dinner or out for a cup of coffee. Chances are that they will be excited that someone is making the effort to get to know them!

Happy Wednesday!

PS…Remember people aren’t going to care how super clean and perfect your house, they are going to care that you took the time and effort to invite them into your home!


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    • Thank you. It has been really nice trying to have over a new couple every month. Meeting some great people!

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