Fit N Friday

It is a wrap, we are finally on the last day of the workweek. This week was the first week back on the me and my i-pod track of fitness. Hubby has been encouraging me for going out and running.

Our menu board was also bought with the goal of being a workout tracking board. Since the space is limited it will be marked with RBSV

  • R-Run
  • B-Bike
  • S-Swim
  • V-Video

This week has only had 3 R’s but it is a great start. The first day was 1.41 miles and then the second and third day was 1.51 miles. This is the slow poke walk/run, but I’m excited to be out there and going for it. Hopefully the speed/distance will steadily come with the weeks.

New Shoes!photo © 2006 _e.t | more info (via: Wylio)

Hubby and I have been looking at the adult swim club that they have in our town. At first it sounded very promising, but shortly the hours are changing and will all be during my work hours. And while the idea of personal coaching is great the price tag is a little steep considering I wouldn’t be making to many of the set practices. Perhaps just a pool pass. We’ll see what happens.

More nights than not this week the meals have been quite healthy and not eating oversized portions. A few sweets have been included since I made cookies, but I don’t feel that I have indulged as I might have in months past.

Week one I feel was a success. Looking forward to next week and hopefully adding another letter to my board!


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