The Promise of an Angel

This was the title for the first ever E-book that I have ever read. I had sworn not to convert or read E-books, however booksneeze has many of the available books as E-copies and I was provided this one to try at no cost. I must say that I was surprised how much I enjoyed reading the e-book. Not only was it quick to “flip” through but the book was so great I finished it in 48 hours!

The Promise of an Angel, Heaven on Earth Series #1

Now down to the details. This book is written by Ruth Reid and takes place in the heartland of Amish country. Growing up I always loved Amish fiction yet this is the first one I picked up in years. It captures you within the first few paragraphs.

The story follows Judith Fischer as she struggles to make peace with her future when extraordinary events seems to throw her life goals out of alignment. A horrible accident within the family, love where you least expect it and then a visit by an Angel that no one believes happened. These are just a few of the things you will find in this amazing book.

One of my favorite things was her descriptions of the interactions with the Angel in the book. It was portrayed beautifully, not a genie in a bottle with all the answers but someone to calm you, to help prepare you for the answers that are waiting, the quick whisper to your soul when it most needs it.

I have nothing to negative to say about the book, the only hint of a bummer would be having to wait to 2012 for her next book! If you have ever enjoyed Amish fiction or are thinking about trying out a new genre I would highly recommend this book!


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