Things I Learned from Mother’s Day: Part 1

This weekend was quite the experience. It was Mother’s Day and this was the first year that we were going to host a brunch instead of taking everyone out to eat. We made handmade cards with crayons to be fun and set the bar with a delicious and mostly nutricious menu.

The best laid plans…

But sometimes those plans just aren’t meant to be. Todays lesson the difference between a sweet potato and a yam. BIG difference people! My in-laws have switched to eating yams but several times have mentioned eating their “sweet potatoes” we have heard this in several other locations as well. So in trying to be accomodating to their lifestyle I went and purchased sweet potatoes from the produce deptartment to make a healther mashed potato.

SWEET POTATOphoto © 2010”>Raycoy Doop (JW) |″>more info (via: Wylio)

The Actual Sweet Potato

Cutting them open I realized that what I had purchased was not the same color as what I had been seeing them eat even though I bought a sweet potato, these were white! Not to be deterred I made them into mashed potatoes. Added some seasonings that Hubby and I thought would be appropriate and then about gagged when trying them. Quite frustrated when we realized that their “sweet potatoes” were yams. Yams are what come in the cute little cans that everyone turns into sweet potatoes for a typical holiday dish. HUGE DIFFERENCE. I think that their lies the problem with the names.

Sweet Potatoesphoto © 2010 Amy Ross | more info (via: Wylio)

These are called YAMS NOT sweet potatoes!

Hubby always in tune to try and keep his wife calm quickly ran to the store, purchased yams and the result of cooking the right item was fabulous. Even have a few in my lunch pail for later today!

So lesson learned word choice is important. Yams are “sweet potatoes” only when it comes to making the holiday dessert!

If you knew this already, I’m glad you are one step ahead. If not, well then now you know! 🙂

Coming up in part two…new news on whipped cream

Happy Monday Everyon!


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