Things I Learned from Mother’s Day: Part 2

This past Mother’s day led to many revelations. One of which involved whipping cream! I was attempting to make my strawberry hazelnut Torte and disaster had struck! The Torte was not to be. 😦 One of the items I had leftover was homemade whipped cream.

Whipped Creamphoto © 2010 Ginny | more info (via: Wylio)

I had mixed my whipping cream with vanilla and a little confectioners sugar. It was beaten to perfection and my little sample had proved to taste delicious! Yet I didn’t want to dump my whole batch, when I no longer needed it for the dessert. I asked my little friend Google if you can freeze homemade whipped cream and within seconds I had pages of answers.

All of which screamed YES! One article I found stated that they hadn’t even tasted cool whip until they were an adult because mom always did homemade frozen whipping cream instead. And I learned that if you want to get really fancy you can pipe the whipped cream into hot cocoa ready mounds that you can peel off the waxed paper and just plop right in your little mug of goodness!

10/365photo © 2011 Roz Smith | more info (via: Wylio)

So I froze my whipped cream in little swirls and blobbies to be used the next day in my alternative solution to my Torte. The extensive swirls didn’t peel to wonderfully, but the blobbies and little hearts I did turned out perfect and delicious!

So not only did I save the whipped cream, I learned a new trick. With this information I seriously doubt that I would ever buy coolwhip for the couple recipe’s I’ve needed it for in the past, and the bonus is I could get fancy for hot chocolate nights!

Watch out for part three for the recipe for the Torte and the solution for when a meringue falls flat!

Hope you have a great Tuesday…see you tomorrow, don’t forget to be fabulous!


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