Can’t find one? DIY time!

When we were still back in the apartment, I decided that I wanted to have a fruit basket. Due to limited counter space I decided that I wanted a 2 level hanging fruit basket. I started browsing online for different hanging fruit baskets and became rather disappointed at the limited selection. Most of them were very cheap and flimsy. Or a little more than I would want to spend for a fruit basket.

We decided that we would try making our own. Looking back this was one of our first DIY projects we ever did together. The search for cute baskets was on. We checked a few hardware stores and Wal-Mart and had no luck. We found our way to one of my favorite shopping stores (Ross!) and hit the gold mine!

The Perfect Basket

I found 2 cute baskets, because they were stacked together I ended up getting them for one low price of 5 and change. We headed back to the local hardware store and looked at their different chains. We found one that matched the exact tones of the baskets. The gentleman at the store patiently cut 6 strands that allowed us to put the baskets together, with minimal effort.

So perfect!

After going through several weeks for shopping and trying to get these put together we discovered that there wasn’t a location in our apartment kitchen that would actually hold the basket. It was so disappointing!

When we moved into our house, I was delighted to find a hook already installed near our sink that fit the hanging basket perfectly. It is a well used item in our house and I’m so happy we have something that will last!

Potatoes, Bananas, Kiwi or Grapefruits...It holds it all!

What was your first DIY project?

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