Fitness Friday

This last week left me feeling a little discouraged.  I was hoping for a little more success and a little less stomach ache. Overall, not to positive.

Last Sunday I went for a morning run. I had hoped to do my week 2 training, but forgot to switch over the i-pod track. It was slightly over 1.6 miles. Not very far, but I know that with a little time the mileage will start increasing.

Tuesday night I wasn’t feeling up for a run and decided to put in one of my few Yoga DVDs. It was a little more challenging than I remembered.  I finished about 35 minutes of 45 before I had a phone call and a visitor stop by. Well the 35 minutes was enough to make my muscles all sore the next day. All the downward dog and cobra and similar poses reminded me how little my shoulders get used.

yoga after climbingphoto © 2009 lululemon athletica | more info (via: Wylio)

Wednesday, I had planned to go running, but with being super sore and the pouring rain I decided pj’s were in order with a little Glee instead!

Thursday, ended up going for a bike ride. Hubby and I went out for a little over 2 miles. It is embarassing and unnerving but I’m glad to be out there trying to go for it. I really wish that I had learned to ride with confidence when I was younger, because it would make life so much easier right now. Either way, my hubby is an incredibly patient guy and doesn’t seem to have issues with me going for short rides and squealing every time I get nervous. Did I mention how embarassing it is? Oh well…I’m sure it will get better in time.

The previous weeks menu:

  1. Monday: French Dips
  2. Tuesday: Lean steaks with brown rice
  3. Wednesday: Turkey Enchilada Casserole
  4. Thursday: Spinach Feta Stuffed Chicken w/ Brown Rice
  5. Friday: Don’t judge…Mac & Cheese with hot dogs and cream corn.

Next week goals. Go for 2 miles in the run. Only have sweets 4 nights per week instead of almost everynight. 😦 I have an addiction for “yum yums” at night. It’s a problem.

If you are working to get fit or  trying to stay in shape what did you do this week? Any exciting plans for this weekend? Going for a hike or a bike ride?

Have a FABULOUS weekend!


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  1. After six months of consistent, right on working out, I inadvertantly took 5 weeks off b/c of our move & other items (add some bad eating in, too). Needed? Absolutely. Without consequences? Absolutely not. I gained about 4 pounds and yesterday’s workout is making me tired today. The 1st month is almost all will-power–after that, the habit is easier mentally and physically. Don’t forget to pray about it. God knows what out bodies need, and He helps us do what is best. Hang in there! You’re gonna make it!

    • Oh, and about 40 minutes of cardio after your muscle-builders (i.e., all the new activities) does wonders for clearing out the lactic acid=not-so-sore muscles the next day. It also helps the day after, but it’s not as easy to get started b/c of the soreness.

      • Good tips, thanks for the encouragement. Trying to get back on the bandwagon is always difficult!

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