A little bragging first…

Tomorrow I hope to have pictures and details of our amazing weekend get-away in Olympia, but for today I just wanted to do a quick little bit of bragging.

Originally the plan was that I stay home while he went down to the conference. We didn’t want to deal with finding someone to watch our puppies, and we weren’t so sure about spending money for 2 of us to eat out all weekend. As last week wore on, I started feeling constantly sick. Nauseous, emotional…I started freaking out that BC stopped working…

That wasn’t the case, great Hubby knew it right away. I was emotionally stressed out about him leaving for the weekend and having to get up so early to drive down there. (He was going to have to wake up at 2:15!!!)

Thursday he calls my mom and gets her to last-minute watch our dogs for the weekend. We packed an overnight bag and were on our way dark and early on Saturday.

After enjoying an oversized shower once we checked into the hotel I got out and found I Heart You written in the steam on the mirror. My husband might not get the most romantic award like Noah from the Notebook, but he gets the sweetest guy award that always knows his wife. Which I think is even better! Funny how my stomach settled as soon as I knew I was going with him.

More details, pictures, and amazing local restaurant reviews later! But for now have a fabulous Monday!


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