Local Spotlight – Olympia


Truth be told I wasn’t very excited about visiting Olympia.

One of the great views of the Capital Building while we were driving around in the rain.

It didn’t sound like a super fun place and since it was the states capital I was worried it would be more of a political city than fun. I was wrong and based on our quick weekend thought it could be some place awesome to live!

It truly seemed to have a little of everything. It had business districts and the shopping. And the shopping area was incredible. It had about every store that I would travel to go to in ONE city! Trader Joe’s,

One of my favourite unique stores! It was Hubby's first time, but I'm pretty sure that I got him hooked! Especially when we found our favourite coconut syrup! Yum!!

World Market, Ross, Bed Bath & Beyond, Barnes & Nobles and my list would just go on…all in one city guys, it was AMAZING. (Sometimes I really feel like I come from a small town when I say something like that, but nonetheless it is true!)

It was nice because we were able to find a car charger for our new phones at a local electronic store. Then headed over to Ross and finally got Hubby a new pair of khakis as he had managed to get a nice rip going in his current pair. A few extra expenses on the trip but we were able to get really good deals!

Then the options for food was unbelievable, it had the best of the chain restaurants and then the options for local cuisine and mom and pop shops was fabulous. I was talking to the Hubs and stated whenever we make our once or twice a year trip to OR we need to be stopping by Olympia to get some of their pastries and local fresh breads.

This place was sort of hidden and you would pass right by it if you didn't know what you were looking for, but we went there twice and both times were amazing. The pastries and fresh breads were incredible. Brought a loaf of Artisan bread home with us and get to eat it with spaghetti tonight. Mmmm!


It was a little Morning Glory Bar with Cream Cheese frosting and was amazing from the Bread Peddler. I seriously need to find a recipe for morning glories!

The city looked like it always had something going on. Even though the weather poured down from the sky on Sunday it was still a day for the capital city marathon. People were coming from everywhere getting ready for the days big event.

I grabbed a few pictures to share our little trip with my readers!

Rambling Jack's, this place had a much nicer atmosphere than the name suggests. It had a western theme and a decent variety of food options. The food and the service was incredible!

I really wanted to avoid the chain restaurants as much as possible and always enjoy looking for local places that have amazing food.  Since we were having to eat out for every meal that weekend we were trying to keep prices down, while still enjoying new foods.

Hubby came across positive reviews for Rambling Jack’s, at first I wasn’t so sure but I was so glad he talked me into it as the dinner was unbelievable!

This was one of the few restaurants I've found that served a buttermilk fried chicken NOT on the bone. It was served with mashed potatoes, gravy and fresh vegetables. The flavor was incredible. People who know me know how picky I am about meat having to be off the bone so this was a special treat! Oh soo good!!!!!

We also just enjoyed our few hours of not being committed to anything at home and watching a little bit of TV. Got quite a bit of reading done and had an overall amazing weekend get-away after Hubby finished his classes. I’m so glad he was able to make arrangements for me to go with him. It was much-needed break for me to get away from life! Thank the Lord for giving me a husband who “gets” me!!

Taking a little time to relax with the honey!


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