Change of Plans

Sometimes a sweet treat might have to wait to make it a little more worthwhile in the end 🙂 There will be a guest post for something delicious soon, but just not today. So instead I will let my overloaded brain relax a little and fill you on a day in the life I lead. 

Yesterday my friend over at Some Wise Guy posted about whining, you can view the blog here. It had me thinking all day. The thing that I drew the most from reading it was that many people will always correct their child to stop them from whining and the tantrums to get what they want when they want it. Yet as adults, how many people think that the louder and the more they complain the easier it is to get what they want.

Most days I love my job, but today made me think that if I spoke to someone like the ways I sometimes get spoken to my bum would bleed from the spanking I would have gotten as a child. (Ok I wasn’t ever spanked that hard or often, but I think you get the point!) And while yes sometimes the loud most obnoxious person can win because people are so tired that they will do anything to shut them up. However, most people will bend over backwards if you are friendly. A little Tommy Boy and wanting wingies ring a bell for anyone? And if you haven’t seen Tommy Boy you have really missed an experience…Anyways…

Happy Headsetphoto © 2008 JD Thomas | more info (via: Wylio)

I love it when someone takes the time to make me laugh or smile or even joking that they will hold the sunshine outside for me if possible. While my feelings aren’t the most important in customer service, it makes me feel GREAT to have someone appreciate what I’m doing or even the acknowledgement in how I’m treated that yes I am a human and not a cyborg. So next time you are talking to customer service, the barista behind the counter, or even your spouse (I’ve heard women talk about they nag their hubs…) remember sometimes kindness goes a lot further. Not only can you make someone’s day, but sometimes you get the wingies too! 🙂

Happy Wednesday…we’re halfway through the week!

Do you have an experience where being nice got you a lot further in a situation? Fill me in on what happened, I’d love to hear about it!


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