Truly Fabulous and 50’s

When we bought our 1949 house we always wanted to keep as true to style as possible in re-decorating our house. We didn’t want anything to modern installed. Loving our old-fashioned Timberline fireplace insert and all the built-ins…we wanted to stay true to our house.

Sometimes as a younger couple it is a take what you can get and sometimes just what you can afford type of situation. We were moving out of a smaller apartment and didn’t own a dining room table. We found a cheap Craigslist table for 60.00 that could seat 6 comfortable and 6 mismatched chairs. While not super comfortable, it was highly functionable and exciting to just have a dining room set.

This last weekend we got a phone call from one of our friends that were re-doing their dining room and wanted to know if we’d be interested in their table. I was very interested for what in my opinion was a more “grown-up” looking dining room table. While I had gone out for my movie on Sunday our friends delivered our new table and matching chairs.

Hubby's Chair

It has six chairs but three leaves that can make the table 102 inches and seat quite a few more. I can’t wait to host big dinner parties with it.

Our New Grown Up Table from the 50's

The even more exciting part is that it needs to be re-finished. Dark cherry wood has gotten worn with time and it needs a little TLC to bring back its former glory. One thing the previous owner informed me of is that this table was built in February of 1951. I couldn’t be more excited to have a dining table built in the 1950’s. If you’ve been around a while you know that I tend to try when I get extra happy. This was one of those times. So it might be a while before you see updated pictures the set as it is number 101 on our project to-do list, but this table is amazing and worth the wait of getting to re-finish.

To All Friends who DIY...any suggestions on the spindle?

In case you were wondering project # 1 is re-doing a section of our old worn fence where puppies 1 & 2 decided to try to escape last night. Oiy…the fun.

What is your latest DIY project that you have going on?


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