Memorial day weekend has been a whirl of activities and hanging out with friends. I was telling the Hubs yesterday that I can’t remember a month lately in which we had so many great memory making weekends all in the same month. It as been quite the adventure.

Each night of this three-day weekend I had managed to book with hanging out with friends. While busy it has been awesome. In the mornings Hubby and I have been able to get some stuff done around the house and even went on a bike ride together.

Sometimes I think as adults we forget how to be kids and just be plain old excited about the simple and small things. I already tend to get super excited about the small stuff, but yesterday had a couple of great reminders of what it is like to be a little kid.

Example 1…As I’ve been talking about in my Fitness Friday’s, I am relatively new to bike riding and lack what many kids pick as basic skills. This Sunday when Hubby took me out he helped me practice getting started after stopping at an intersection. (This in our past rides had usually left me quite wobbly!) And I even was able to push myself back in the seat without having to stop on the bike and at the end even stand up and coast a little bit. As I was carefully balancing trying to stand up for the first time I was reminded of the simple joy of learning something new, of being excited with where you are in life at that exact moment.

Benedetta with Scheggiaphoto © 2006 Salvadonica Borgo del Chianti | more info (via: Wylio)

Example 2….Occassionally I will get a Bee in my bonnet and want to do something RIGHT NOW. It can’t wait and someway somehow it is going to happen. Yesterday I had that feeling about wanting to spray paint some tins I bought at a garage sale on Saturday. Only problem was that we didn’t have any spray paint, AND our weekly budget was done and over with no money left for spray paint. 😦 So like any little kid who wants to go get an ice cream cone RIGHT NOW….I climbed on our bed and cracked open our change jar. I carefully started counting out my change, starting to roll it up. In the process my faithful doggy Levi came and curled up right next to me. I think he was helping me find all the quarters. I just remember all the cute pictures of old movies with a kid and their dog sitting on porch steps sharing an ice cream cone. He was chilling on the bed all snuggled up to help me count quarters to go get my adult version of an ice cream cone (the thing I really wanted at the time!)

Sometimes it is good to remember the simple joy from being happy about the place we are in. Jesus says to come to Him like children, to be joyful. This last weekend was an incredible reminder about being content and joyful in the small things today and the childlike faith that Christ wants us to come to Him with.

Hope you have had a fabulous Memorial Day Weekend!!!!!


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