1 weekend turned 6 weekend project

A few months ago I got excited to paint the cabinets and walls in our hallway. This is a small hallway that connects the master bedroom, guest bath, and music room. There wasn’t too much wall space and then 5 cabinets. I thought it would be super easy to accomplish in a weekend!


I grabbed my Honey Sand from my stock of paints that I purchased for 5 dollars at the Home Depot when they were discontinuing the Fresh Aire paint line. Used 1/4 of the can and had done 2 coats to bring the hallway to a beautiful sand color. It tied in the creams and tans in the other rooms surrounding it. Then the problems began…

The cabinets with their shiny silver knobs..SOO WHITE!!!

Not sure what little cabinet was previous used for, but it stood out like a sore thumb!

More white walls!! AAAHHH!

That morning my Hubby had waited till the last-minute to remove the cabinet doors. Problem #1 several of the screws were stripped and all the hardware was painted over making it very difficult and much more time consuming to remove than originally anticipated.

He was leaving me in charge to sand/paint the cabinets in the afternoon. I had my newly acquired skill from my 5 minute lesson of the power sander and thought I would be good to go! I started carefully going along my first cabinet and then CHIP! A whole huge block of paint flew off the cabinet. I start sanding down that edge and CHIP! There goes another one. I anxiously called Hubs and told him that the paint was just flying off and not sanding down at all 😦 He gave me the “oh honey” tone and said that it probably just needed a little more work and different grit paper. I went to the depot and bought different grit paper and the same thing still was happening! He told me “I’ll take care of it when I get home!” Apparently a man would make much easier work of this than I was doing. So I cleaned up my supplies from painting the hallway and figured well with his “skills” he could finish tomorrow and we will still be done on time.

Move to the next day. Hubby went and sanded all of the cabinet doors down. So happy he came to show me how “smooth” they were. Then out came the air compressor to get the dust off so I could paint them. CHIP CHIP CHIP CHIP. Paint FLEW all around our little garage area creating quite the mess. Tried a bit more sanding, a bit more air compressor and still paint chips were flying everywhere. He learned that I was being serious about the peeling paint and not just being a girl that couldn’t manuever the sander 🙂 Come to problem #2…high gloss paint 4 or 5 coats down.

Mind you by the time we go to an actual paint stripper we are 2 or 3 weekends into working on this. So me trying to be green convinces hubby to purchase a “green” paint stripper. It didn’t do a gosh darn thing other than sit there. So I returned the bottle and got the hard-core chemical paint stripper. Pulled out the big guns..Hubby’s diligent efforts and 3 rounds later it was finally FINALLY ready to be painted!

The boards were sanded, stripped and ready to paint.

Had to stack them arround our garage so they could all dry.

Then we encounter problem #3…the hardware. Due to them being older built-in cabinets we weren’t able to find hinges that would fit the cabinets. So we had to soak them in paint thinner and use a wire brush to get them cleaned off.

Scrubbed as good as they were going to get!

The spray painted hinges and new cabinet knobs.

Now we were finally ready to paint the cabinets. We used a nice milk chocolate brown for the cabinets, then a black gloss spray paint for the hinges. Seeing as we couldn’t get the paint off the original screws we had to go and buy some. Screw them all lined up into a board and then spray paint those too so they matched the hardware.

Hubby's genius idea for spray painting all the screws!The spray painted hinges and new cabinet knobs.

What I had to stare at for 6 weeks while we had no cabinets. No fun and doggies kept pulling out the towels which is why the bottom rag section stayed wadded up. 😦

So after all the above is said and done it has been about 6 weeks and I want the first bigger project we are doing on the house to be done yesterday. (This wasn’t even supposed to be a big project and it took 6 weeks!) That final weekend, I helped hold everything in place while hubby started getting everything assembled back together. I LOVE the finished look and am so happy it is done. Now I just hope that we can soon do the guest bath and get rid of the icky tileboard that lines the walls.

My new hallway. The color gives the area so much more character!

We left the door off the little cabinet and intend to fill with little picture frames and make it more decorative!

Even the simple heat control wall looks better!!

All in all I’m excited we accomplished our first bigger project as a team, I can’t wait to start another one! Next time I will just have to remember that with an older house you can’t always guarantee a “quick” weekend project!

All the colors and textures pulled together and turned out awesome!

What projects have you been working on lately?

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    • Thank you! I forgot how white the area was until I looked at the pictures! So happy with the change 🙂

    • There is only one room left in our house with white walls and I’m hoping I can change that by the end of the year! Thanks for stopping by!

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