Fitness Friday

This week saw quite a bit of improvement. I’m still no where as consistent as I want to be, but this week was better than last. I got in 3 workouts this week and saw personal improvements in 2 of them. Added bonus that 2 nights I didn’t have dessert (big improvement!)


  • Monday – Leftovers…roast chicken, steamed potatoes and carrots
  • Tuesday – Hubby made fried rice
  • Wednesday – Made homemade pizza…not the healthiest but it was thin crust and veggie…well and the little bit of pepperoni I snuck 🙂
  • Thursday – Baked veggie egg rolls and brown rice
  • Friday – Mesquite chicken wraps

I’m already planning on splurging a little tomorrow, because we will be celebrating a friend’s birthday at the Keg and well it won’t be fried but I don’t know that it necessarily counts as healthy!


Last year hubby got a TRX suspension system and bike for his birthday. The bike has been steadily used and we are now starting to get into a TRX habbit. It is for strength and toning. Saturday we got up and put half an hour on it and worked our muscles. I anticipate this next Saturday we’ll be doing the same.

Sunday we went for a bike ride after church and enjoyed the gorgeous weather. The online mapping program said that we went barely over 3 miles. An improvement from last week. Hubby worked with me on starting smoothly and even how to stand up a little.

Bicycle Pathphoto © 2010 Shawn Carpenter | more info (via: Wylio)

Thursday night we went for another bike ride after dinner. This ride I was in charge of picking the route. I wanted to push it a little bit and try to go further. This time Hubby worked with leading me into the main streets when the traffic lightened up a little and making turns instead of walking the bike across a crosswalk. We were almost home when I got my first battle wound. I took off from the stop sign and my shoe got stuck in my yoga pants (the only pants I’ve got for riding) and caused me to tip over. I got gravel in my skinned palms and scraped up my knee. Tried to take a picture, but you’d probably think it was a pathetic battle wound so I’ll leave it out. It even caused my “steering” to be off. Hubby pointed out it was my handlebars but hey I’m out there riding so what if I don’t have all the terminology down yet!!!! Mileage for Thursday was 4.12, this is my longest ride to date. Hopefully if it is nice this Sunday I can make it past 5 and burn off some of the steak I will have consumed!

Thursdays excursion led me to believe 2 things. I am getting slightly better at hills. I made it up one that made me curse last year. And two I as much as I’m not looking forward to the sight of me…I need to buy spandex. Falling over because my shoes got caught in my yoga pants sucks.


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