Little Treasures

These past couple of months I’ve been looking for a little desk that I could use my crafts and projects. I hated taking up the kitchen table, and it was never fun leaving the mess when I just needed a couple more days to “finish” the project.

As a regular scanner of craigslist I come across some amazing deals. Some of those deals are meant for others and occassionally some of them are meant for ME! This last week I came across a little desk/chair combo for 20.00!!! It had been refinished with a green crackle paint and was just a fun little desk.

The New Addition of Furniture

It was a little bit of a drive but it wasn’t to bad since we were alread heading down to Lynwood to celebrate a birthday dinner with friends. We were a little concerned about it fitting, but I had confidence that Eric could maneuver it and confidence in our Jeep that it can hold a ridiculous amount of stuff plus 4 people and still be comfortable! And you know what…it worked!!

It ended up matching the decor pretty well!

Now this little desk resides in our guest room. I had to set up my sewing machine right away. I don’t even have a current project going but I was too excited that I was able to set up and not get told to make sure to put my stuff away soon! 🙂

So cute all set up!

I am so thankful that we have been able to find our furntirue cheaper or even free through different sources. It has been such a blessing. Looking forward to having the room completely finished!!!

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