Peaceful Mornings

Back in high-school I remember one of my exciting purchases with babysitting money. It was a simple 20.00 cd player from Wal-Mart. I put it in the bathroom and would start my day either listening to music or books on cd. I remember cracking up listening to Bridget Jones Diary and crying over the newest Nicholas Sparks book. It was always such a relaxing way to start the morning.


I had this little stereo in the bathroom for each move until we came to this house when it ended up in the kitchen. That way we could have music while cooking and something to fill the house for our doggies when we are away. However, that has kept my morning routine super quiet and lacking.

The passed few weeks I have been missing the morning music or stories. Or even a little Enya on a night that I just want a long shower to relax. Just set up my new 20.00 Wal-Mart cd player for the bathroom and checked out a new FBI mystery thriller book on cd. So excited to start listening tomorrow!


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