Fitness Friday

Success, not in seeing scale go down this week, but in finding a plan/path to help me achieve the goals. I’ve mentioned previously that I’m interested in getting into the sport of triathlon. Hubby is very supportive and is encouraging me as much as possible as I start training for a little sprint. There is one this fall in Lake Stevens that I’m looking at for being my first competition. I know I won’t come close to placing but the thought of accomplishing that is incredible.

I went to and printed out their beginner 13 week training plan. I have 2 workouts this weekend and week 1 will be completed. It is nice because it gives me goal times and what to do each day, even if what to do is simply have a rest day for your body. My goal is stick as closely to that as possible.

The previous Sunday I got a 2.5 mile run in before church. Wednesday I went for almost a 4 mile bike ride by myself. (Going by myself was a huge step for this rider!) And then thursday night I did one of the C25K podcasts and went 1.8 miles. Still unbelievably slow but it has been improving.

The menu for this last week….well not as healthy as it should have been. Portion sizes have been better and several nights I haven’t had dessert. Yay me!

  • Monday – Nachos (seriously smaller portion than usual!)
  • Tuesday – Applebees (Had a salad)
  • Wednesday – Mac & Cheese
  • Thursday – Homemade pizza
  • Friday – Brown rice, parmesan/pecan encrusted chicken and fresh green beans
  • Saturday – left overs
  • Sunday – Greek chicken

After really looking at this weeks menu I already know that next week is going to be started off with salads. Oiy. So that is where I am at this week. Hopefully next week the scale will go down with a more regular plan of working out. (And a better planned menu!)

In case you are still reading all the way down here I thought you might enjoy this video. I found it on a triathlete blog and was amused. To anyone outside the world they probably think triathletes are insane. 🙂




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