In the Waiting Place

This last week I received The Waiting Place by Eileen Button as a complimentary copy for review from booksneeze. The books tagline was learning to appreciate life’s little delays. Seeing how I’m always in a hurry and want things done now both hubby and I thought this would be a good book for me to check out.

This book has 22 chapters each containing stories from the authors waiting places in life. From the simple waiting places of your mom to finish your childhood hairdo’s to the ones that seem to last forever when you just want your child to cry for the first time after complications, to waiting for the dreams of what you know God has called you to do to materialize.

Each segment was well written and laced with humor. Eileen Button doesn’t hold back any details as she goes through some of the personal struggles with the waiting places that life takes her through. The story that made me smile the most was when she waited for her mom to perfect her curls every morning after taking them out of the foam pink rollers, makes me remember waiting every morning for my mother to finish putting my hair in braids.

Laughing and a little welling up can be expected from the touching and sometimes heart wrenching stories contained within the pages. An overall great book and yet it wasn’t quite what I was expecting from the original descriptions. It sounded like personal experiences would be brought together to encourage a reader in their own unique waiting places. In actually it seems more a collection of personal waiting experiences, some might be relatable others not. Either way it was a great book, just not as much guide through life’s waiting places as I hoped for.


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