Fitness Friday

Even though the scale only went down by 1 I think this week was a fabulous success!!! There were many firsts and an excitement about the journey that I have started. I’ve been trying to closely follow the days and workouts in the 13 week sprint program.

This last week included a swim on Saturday for 45 minutes. Then again on Monday for about 35 minutes. Mondays swim was exciting because I tried the 400 meters and found that I could swim it straight through after months of not being in the pool and the time was between 10 and 11 minutes. Not great by any means but not half bad either.

I walked to work and back on Tuesday for 1.4 miles. Then last night I did a double workout, 30 minute walk/run and a 90 minute bike ride. This morning about everything from waist down hurts, breakfast will be served with tylenol and I’m planning on swimming tonight to try and work it out. I guess it is time to refill my swim punch card.

The bike ride was a lot of firsts. We went 10 miles (that bumped up longest distance by 4 miles!). I got a bug in the mouth with promptly made me start spitting everywhere. Went down a hill and got to a speed over 25 mph! WOW! All that and had an incredible time relaxing (and some tensing mind you) with my wonderful hubby! He is such an encouragement and I love that I’m not dragging him in circles anymore.

Dinners this week…

  • Monday – Salad
  • Tuesday – Tacos
  • Wednesday – Rice and Chicken, baked coated in French’s Onions
  • Thursday – Salad and Rice
  • Friday – Unsure as crazy amount of stuff to do and I don’t know what I will have time to cook ???

So there is my week in a nutshell. I know if I keep this up that the scale will start budging too! For now I’m just having fun with my workout and loving seeing my progress as my ability level goes up!!!!!


Have a great and healthy weekend!!!



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