Why Do You HAVE to Ask??

This last Saturday was an incredible day! It started at 6 and didn’t end until late at night. Why get up so early on a weekend you might say….the answer is a garage sale!

I’ve been planning this for a couple of months. I knew that the best way to get a bigger crowd is to have multiple families. I started asking friends and people from church if they were interested. When all was said and done about 5 families were represented. With having the multiple families we had a good base of anything you could want to find at a garage sale, with the exception of fishing gear and tools.

Eastlake Garage Salesphoto © 2005 Eastlake Times | more info (via: Wylio)

I personally had several pieces of furniture that I wanted to see sold, not to mention numerous bags and boxes of other junk treasures. Thankfully by the end of the day, due to advertising and great location we had sold almost everything and only one small box went to the thrift store. I had a little bank and we were able to get another punch card for swimming and a fabulous Costco run out of the earnings!

But the problem with a garage sale is that it generally starts out darker, cloudy even and I completely forgot sunscreen. By the time we were putting the last of the tables back in the garage and loading the Jeep with the items for the thrift store I was toasted. BURNT! CRISPY! You know what I’m talking about….a few hours after the sunburn you start getting the chills where in 70 degree (hot for here) weather you are still in a sweatshirt and jeans???

Well the question I really hate is…”Oh honey you look like you got some sun?”, “First burn of the year?” “Forget your sunscreen?”…If I could pull off sarcasm well enough in person I would have responded….Oh this is my normal glow, or shout, Oh no I’m burned…what Really??? How is that possible???

Seriously why is that always people’s first reaction? Like the burned person isn’t FULLY aware of how painfully tight their skin is from the burn. How uncomfortable it is to wear a different shirt because now it rubs everything. Really?

And that is my little rant for the day. Yay for garage sales….Boo for burns and the people who have to ask about it. And if you did ask me…I still like you, but now you know a pet peeve 🙂

Hope your weekend was FABULOUS as you get ready to enjoy a little summertime!


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