Running VS Chocolate

Yesterday was just one of those days. Ladies you most likely will know what I mean. It was the type of workday that all I wanted was to bake a big chocolate brownie/cookie/cake concoction and eat that watching chickflicks with a heating pack on my cramping abdomen. Maybe you’ve had days where you can relate.

Chocolatephoto © 2007 Windell Oskay | more info (via: Wylio)

By the end of work I had convinced myself to go to the store to seek delicious ingredients. I managed to turn the other direction saying no no I need to lose weight not bake something. I get home to find my newest blog for review book sitting on the porch. I excitedly read the first chapter while I let the puppies out after a long day. The first chapter talks about 3 D’s…Discipline, Decision, and Daily. I realized that that is exactly what it is going to take for me to train for the triathlon and lose weight. There is no other way around it. I will have to have discipline to go for a run when the weather isn’t perfect (or cramping for that matter). It will take good decision after good decision to have the pounds add up and be the weight loss I need in order to have a healthier active life. And not only that but I can’t make that decision once a week I have to make it DAILY!

This was just the motivation I needed. I set aside the thoughts (at least this time) that chocolate would cure everything and put on my running pants and went to face the wind. I did my normal 5 minute warm up then a 30 minute walk run session. I pushed myself and felt great all at the same time. When I got home I mapped my new route and found that in the same amount of time I always go for a run I added another .3 miles to my route. I was so excited. I still have a long way to go but it is progress!

Jogging on a bright November morningphoto © 2008 Ed Yourdon | more info (via: Wylio)

While everyday might a struggle, yesterday I made the right decision and that helps give me the confidence that I can make it again!!!


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