Mr Iron Calves PASSED ME!

Oh this week was an interesting week. Triumphs, falls and serious FRUSTRATION! Not quite sure where to even start as this week seems to have contained so much progress.

So lets start with the menu…

  • Monday – Salad and a few tater tots
  • Tuesday – Spaghetti and garlic bread – over ate ūüė¶
  • Wednesday – Crunchy Onion Chicken, Brown Rice and broccoli rab
  • Thursday – Turkey enchilada casserole and salad – perfect portion
  • Friday – Pizza snowballs – new favorite quick way to eat a pizza
  • Saturday – Hobo potatoes and chicken
  • Sunday – Homemade grilled burgers

Spaghetti Bolognese - Michaelangelo, Aspendale Gardensphoto © 2007 Alpha | more info (via: Wylio)

I have been using my fitness pal and most days I am staying within my alloted calorie budget. I try not to use the extra calories allowed win I’m working out as I’m really trying to start seeing the scale go down. I’m definitely starting to see muscles form but the scale isn’t going down. I hate this part of me working out. I always seem to gain a lot of muscle first and then later the scale goes down. Why do I have to bulk up so fast???? And I still have lots of chub so I can’t even SEE the definition..grrr!!!

Anyways. Running this week has been incredible. I’m still just doing half an hour jog/runs. Both times this week I was over 2 miles in that time period with was a huge improvement. One route was 2.18 miles and this mornings was 2.10 miles. This morning I was able to jog almost 16 minutes straight which was quite exciting as I was feeling fabulous even after the insane ride last night.

Swimming, went on Monday and did a lot of drills trying to improve my stroke. Going again today and I might work more on my legs. Not quite sure. I’m trying to figure out a way to keep track of my laps. As of right now I always seem to forget how far I swim. Need to come up with something soon!

Bike….well last night will be a ride that will be long remembered. It made me sooooooooo¬†mad! Start off strong and the first little hill coming away from our house didn’t make me quite as winded as last time. GOOD. Went down a long straight stretch going out of town. I had passed¬†a runner going down the big hill at the beginning and took a few moment break to get gloves off that just weren’t going to work. A few moments of riding later I hear “On the right”….MR IRON CALVES and bulging muscles PASSED ME! That is right…I’m on a bike…he is running…he passed ME! Let me say this again… A RUNNER PASSED ME ON THE BIKE! HORRIBLE!!!! I was PISSED! I was ready to cry and give up and ride harder all at the same time. The why bother I already suck mode entered my head. (It quickly went away!)

I figured I might as well keep pushing and try to finish the ride. Same 10 mile route as last week. We kept pushing able to do a few things I wasn’t able to last time so little improvements. Still very frustrated as we are coming towards the end of the ride. Trying to work my way up one of the hills in town and really struggling with it this time. I was trying to stay towards side of the road but then when I go off it is gravel. While having issues my wheel caught and caused me to take a nasty fall and bruise/skin up my left leg. Hubby while choosing to follow way to close behind me also got tripped up and fell over as he was clipped in. He got cut up and nice road rash on his arm. HORIBBLE!


Quick thing about me, I¬†get really mad when I’m hurt and then cry later after everything is taken care of. So instead of being concerned that I am now bleeding. All I could do was yell at my hubby for being to close behind me because I didn’t want him hurt and I didn’t want to damage his much nicer bike than my 10 dollar garage sale bike. So I huffed and puffed and took off towards home. Not a fine moment. Only to discover that the same route that took me 90 minutes to do last time took me 70 minutes to do this time. That includes the runner passing me and the fall. So I know I’m improving, but GRRRRR! I’ve skinned my knees, been bruised and sore more in the last month than I have in the last 10 years and yet there is this crazy part of me that can’t wait to go out riding again tomorrow! I haven’t even done my first tri yet and I already feel addicted to try more and push harder so that my first one goes as¬†amazing as possible!

Anyways this became an incredible long post. I’ll have more news next week and include some of the fun and food from the first 4th of July BBQ we are hosting! Have a safe and happy 4th friends!


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