A Whole Month!

Where on earth did it go??? I honestly don’t know how it went by so quickly. Today for the family, friends, and the blog followers that don’t know where I’ve been, I thought I would start with a quick rundown of possibly the most insane month of my life so far.

It started on June 28th when the friends, that are as close as family, flew in from overseas on a missionary furlough and came to stay with us for three weeks. Then we wanted to have a big 4th of July bash in our house, as it was our first 4th in the house and we wanted all the friends and family here to celebrate with us.

To top a great, relaxing and fun-filled day our SoCal brother and s-i-l and their kids all came in that day and spent the afternoon eating grilled chicken, cupcakes and all sorts of yummy foods. They were able to stay in town for 2 weeks and we were only able to meet with them a handful of times as it was insanely busy.

Oh yes, and then a week earlier than I had originally expected my Dad and family also flew stateside. We were only able to spend an evening/morning with them, but it was great to see them. It was the first time my hubby got to meet my siblings. Pretty crazy trip for me as well since it had been over 10 years. They went from toddling and crawling to being pre-teens full of life and jokes and lots of fun!

As everyone was saying their final goodbyes and boarding airplanes, we had news that would end the month with one more crazy twist. My dear hubby’s grandfather had a sudden illness and passed away. Thankfully the Lord saw fit to orchestrate both hubby and I to be able to take time off and make our way to SoCal.

We were able to spend 4 days with family. It is sad how a funeral can be one of the quickest ways to have so many family relatives end up in the same place at once. I was glad that Eric was able to be there for family support and like the youngest child he is, cause some comedic relief. Plus it was the first time that his brother, Dad and him were able to be together at the same time in a long time. I was so glad to be there, to hear the memories and to be a part of the family.

So there in short was the most craziest month of the year and possibly my life to date. Now that August was arrived and I’m desperately trying to grasp and fall back into a steady routine I hope to be able to start consistently blogging again.

I hope everyone had a great month of July and don’t forget that between now and time we are together again…stay fabulous!


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