Shopping and Saving

Ways to save a few extra dollars at the checkout counter. A few months ago Hubby suggested that I try out another of our local grocery stores to see if it would save us any money. I hemmed and hawed and took my sweet time checking out the new store. After all…I knew every isle at my current store. I knew where all my favorite ingredients were hidden and wasn’t looking forward to learning a new store.

I mean unless we have a personal assistant, the likelihood is that most of us spend a good amount of time in a grocery store getting food for our families. Truth is that anytime we head into a new place to shop it can be a frustrating experience trying to find everything and having to repeat the isles for those items we didn’t see.


I finally made my way over to the new supermarket. I don’t even know how long that first trip took, but each trip after has been easier. I wanted to give it at least a month and see how much average savings was with my normal weekly shopping trip. At my previous store on average the bottom of my receipt with my club card was only about 16-18 %. With the new store, on average it is over 22-26% and just yesterday it was 29%. Mind you this is not with couponing, this is just with my normal weekly list and being aware of the sales and deals that normally going on the store.

And now I’m pretty sure the switch is official as I regularly save more money at the new store. So if you have multiple stores in your area, sometimes it is worth the search of that one ingredient and getting used to a new store to save extra money on your weekly trip.

Hope everyone had a fabulous weekend and an incredibly fabulous new week while enjoying the last pieces of summer!


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