“It’s time to exercise your prayer life!” That is the core of this revised edition of PrayerWalk by Janet Holm McHenry. It takes you from the decision to start prayerwalking, to the daily grind, to seeing God move and then some. Included in the back of the book are 30 day prayer and fitness challenge and a Bible study with discussion guide if you are looking to do this as a group.

It took me longer than I expected to read this book. While the material was good at a few points it seemed a little redundant. Yet as soon as I would start to think that, a story or example of how God moved in her own prayerwalking or in a friends prayerwalking experience blew me away. A particularly powerful example was how God revealed himself after the author’s father passed away. It was a reminder that sometimes God’s answer isn’t what we expect, but in everything God can use it and reveal His character to us.

One of the beginning chapters goes over what is needed to start prayerwalking. Healthy benefits are listed that can come from making a commitment to walking on a regular basis. It goes over shoes and heart monitoring an all the basic odds and ends of starting a walking program.

The heart of the book is on prayer. Praying aloud vs praying quiet. Prayerwalking with a friend vs prayerwalking alone. Watching the power of God in your life as you pray for your family and community. And how prayer can change everything. While I can’t say that this book has led me to believe that I am going to be an intercessory prayerwalker, it does make me excited about walking on a regular basis and using that time to draw closer to God.



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  1. Sounds like an awesome book. You really have a good lead on books these days. I’m not through it yet, but I really, really like “Reggie.” So far, it’s been just awesome for our situation. thanks for sending it!

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