Plugged in – More than Movie Reviews

I recently got a copy of Plugged-In Parenting from Tyndale as a free copy for review. While I’m not a parent yet, I love reading things film related and have been a fan of the website.

This book doesn’t hold any punches. Within the first chapter I kept running to my husband to tell him this quote or that statistic. Some of the information is staggering and sad. One of the quotes states, “By the age of six, the average American child has spent more hours watching the tube than he will spend speaking to his father in his lifetime.” LIFETIME!!

For people not aware of what plugged-in is, it is a group of people, from Focus on the Family, who review music, video games, movies etc for family friendly content. They let the parents or anyone know what is in the media, whether it is language, violence, grown up innuendo etc. Trying to help people be informed. (I should have checked the website before renting a dvd we had to turn off for how foul it was!)

It goes through numerous chapters of how to be involved in your kids life and giving the less tech savvy parents ideas of how to research to find out what their kids are interested and just what is available for phone apps, movies, music, etc. It really boils down to parents being involved and interested in what is going on with kids. It even gives ideas for setting up a family media contract.

While it will be a while before I need to put into place a family media contract for kids, it has made me more aware of what I’m listening to and watching. My radio stations have changed because I don’t want the song coming back to me in the middle of the day promoting some errant sexuality because of the beat. I want to know that it will be positive, uplifting and glorifying to God. Plus as the added benefit it puts me in a more positive mood. Duh right? If you get a chance…read the book and prepare to be shocked, angered and then encouraged to do something!


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