Year Worth of Communication for ONE SHOWER HEAD!

Yes you read the title correctly. When we moved into our house we had a Master Bath. Really just a box in the wall stand up shower. The shower head while functional spit in several directions. You know, where one of the little things sprays the wrong direction and hits you right in the eyeball as soap dribbles down your forehead and causes the shower dance of ow ow ow where is my towel?

I kept asking hubby…”Hubby, you want to get one of those rain shower heads, fancy nice shower head, shower head. What about that one?” Almost every time we went to the Depot…what do you think about a new shower head? Always the answer was eh…I don’t know, or not right now, or anything but yes honey we can get us a new shower head.

A few weeks ago we stayed with friends and they a fancy rain shower head. So of course the question came up again and this time at the Depot we had a gift card and I wanted to spend it on something I wanted! I bugged him to take another look at the shower heads. We walked to the big wall of 100s of shower heads (maybe a slight exaggeration) and started the what do you think of that one discussion.

After a couple of minutes, I finally turned around and asked him well what the heck do you want in a shower head because I keep getting vetoed! Turns out after a year of asking the wrong question, I finally asked the right one. He wanted a simple not to fancy shower head and didn’t want the superlight rain type deal or something with 50 options.

Oh is that all?? Oh my goodness….if only I asked a year ago. We quickly spotted a simple 30 dollar shower head that both of us quickly agreed on. It was an eco-friendly shower head that helped conserve water flow. It was advertised as energy efficient and helps cut the water bill with 4 standard options including massage, mist, regular and then a water pause. The pause still has water going but drastically cuts water consumption while you “lather up”. I am all for saving money and if saving the environment is a side bonus…Well then BONUS!

He quickly installed in one night and now has a thrilled wife with a brand new shower head. Soon to get a new one for the quirky guest shower. Sometimes as wives…it is not the bugging that gets something done…it is asking the right question..Oiy.

Hope to be writing more frequently in case anyone was wondering! Stay Fabulous!


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