Moment of Inspiration

With renewed motivation I returned home from our weekend in Oregon. I had bought 3 clothing patterns for 5 dollars having saved over 50 dollars from a HUGE sale at Joann’s. They were relatively simple patterns all for an older style of clothing which I prefer. One was even a vintage pattern from 1954 🙂

I quickly purchased the fabric I wanted for the first dress. When I went to organize the extra pieces I needed with my sewing equipment I found 3 other projects started and not completed from other moments of inspiration. 😦

I have already cut out all the pieces for the current pattern and planning on starting piecing them together tonight. I would love to finish it and be able to wear for my Honey’s Birthday dinner this weekend. We shall see what happens. If this project ends up in the aaaahhhh…going to pull my hair out and scream at the fabric stage I promised Hubs I would stop buying patterns and fabric.

I’ll keep you posted on the dress.


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