Customer Service and Cupcakes

This last weekend was yet another occasion where cupcakes are desperately needed. We celebrated hubs birthday this last weekend and per his request he wanted yellow cake with chocolate frosting cupcakes. That seemed a little boring so I added crushed butterfinger to the top of the cupcake and OMG! Can we say delicious?!?! Too bad we ate cupcakes so quick there were none left for pictures!

Part of the reason they disappeared so quick is that I was a good girl and took them to work after separating a little portion for ourselves. Not going to stop eating cupcakes, but I will stop eating half a batch! I know that my workplace definitely enjoys them. Think I even heard a couple people talk about scoring a second cupcake. I almost think I get as much joy watching other people enjoying my cupcakes as I do eating them. It makes me sublimely happy watching someone enjoy something I created…maybe that makes me weird. Who knows?

This week I am excited to try a couple of new recipes for Couple’s Dinner. I have found a hot broccoli cheese dip with a homemade pretzel recipes. I will be posting links to the recipes and picture results on once I have tried them out. In the meantime, I have to come up with something creative as there are multiple baby showers coming up. Oiy…I guess everyone gets in the mood same time of year 🙂

Until the next recipe or project or even funny life story…Stay fabulous!


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