Sometimes I forget…

Sadly, it is something I should never forget. I forget who my absolute best friend is. I went to church this morning and was reminded….It was a series on marriage (you can find the podcast here)…todays tagline was friends with benefits (within a marriage, of course).

Often I think about the different friends I’ve had through life. Being a local in a military town many friends have come and gone. Then I think well so and so was my best friend then, or man I haven’t heard from my good friend recently, or wow how can best friends cause so much pain like that. Or even one that has often bothered me is how come I don’t have a best friend right now.

This morning reminded me of something though. That almost 3 years ago on Novemember 8th I married my absolute best friend on earth. The one that I knew I would want to grow old with, laugh with and never be without. He has seen my hair all crazy in the morning with bad breath and still tells me I’m beautiful. He knows that I almost never remember to put toilet paper on the roll and never once complains. He uses his words to re-create me in the best form possible and strive for the best in my relationship with him and God.

All that to say that this mornings sermon reminded me that over a life time many friends will come and go, but I already married my best friend. And wherever he is going, there I’ll be too.

Have you told your spouse that you loved them today? Go give them a big fat hug! Or if they’ve already gone to work, I’m sure that just this once they won’t mind if you call just to say you love them!

Don’t forget that everyday deserves its chance at fabulous!


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