Rather Embarassing

You ever have one of those moments when you would like to literally crawl under your desk and hide? Yesterday was one such moment.

To give you a little history my computer at work has had some technical difficulties with Outlook. The silly search function would do not as I pleased and was being rather difficult. I spent a few hours with our tech support over online chatting, another couple of hours on the phone and to no prevail! It still wouldn’t allow me to do the most simple search. Something I desperately needed so I could stop pestering my fellow workers.

As with most customer service after a series of things they will ask if you want to take a survey. Around the same time as my survey email dinged into my box, my co-worker leaned over and asked to try clicking a few things to see if he could magically make my computer work. And wouldn’t you know it HE DID! In all of 2 clicks my search function, functioned beautifully! Everything just as I needed it.

Well at this point you can imagine my disgust with the hours I had spent with tech support. While everyone was friendly and nice, none of them figured out what was obviously a simple correction. So I quite plainly put that in my comments of the survey. Again I mentioned that they were courteous and all that good stuff, but unhappy with amount of time spent when it was such a simple correction. Especially since they told me that what I wanted to do couldn’t be done. I knew it could because every single one of my co-workers were doing this!

Fast forward a week or two later. We are constantly having visitors at our office and I really thought nothing of this occasion. That is until my boss said hey you have someone here to see you. I turn around and 2 guys are walking towards my little desk.

To put it plainly they said that they wanted to come find out what happened as the survey received wasn’t so positive.  OH NO! I was now face to face with my bad survey. We explained what was fixed, and then much to my amusement and embarrassment my co-worker who fixed the problem was quick to point how out frustrated I was with the hours wasted and no solution. Thankfully the guy was gracious and said well as long as it is fixed that is what matters.  Did I mention I’m told him I thought it was a woman who emailed me only to find out it was him? Seriously why do parents do that to their kids…and give them a name that sounds more feminine than masculine or vise versa???? SERIOUSLY PEOPLE…think first!

Anyways…that is my embarrassing story of the day. So think first when you do a survey as you might have to meet the person you do the survey on or find out the woman was really a man. Yikes!

Until that day….stay fabulous!


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