A Different Alarm

With my new position at work came different hours. I went from having to be awake and to work at 7 to now 8:30. That is a huge difference in the morning and I decided to spend that extra time well…by sleeping in. 🙂

This morning however that was not the case. My alarm goes off at six, every morning a reminder that I really need to be getting up to do yoga or something productive, but usually roll over and go back to sleep. Maybe someday it will work right? This morning though I was not able to return to peaceful slumbers. Instead I heard the step step step and a kick off of the slippers as my dear hubby plopped on the bed and simply said, “smell”. Now I know what you are probably thinking and no that isn’t what he did.

For his birthday, he was able to purchase teas from Adagio. We got trail packs for over 12 different loose leaf teas and a little steeper thingy to fit in a mug. This morning was a Vanilla Roobios something Chai. The mug of fresh tea was what he held up to my nose and woke me up with. Then instead of his normal going to get on the computer as the morning ritual goes, he sat and talked me awake for the next 30 minutes. Which in all honesty is pretty cute that he didn’t want to wait for me to get up and just wanted to talk to me this morning.

When was the last time you couldn’t wait to talk to your spouse in the morning? So much so you couldn’t wait and had to wake them up to talk to them? If you don’t have a cranky riser on your hands I’d suggest it sometime! If you do have a cranky rise, I might just vote to let them sleep!!!!

Until next time, stay fabulous!


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