Canning and More Canning

So yesterday I caught a bug. Not your normal type of bug, but the bug for canning. So much so that by the time my canning buddies left (teacher aka mom and other newbie friend) hubs and I were talking about where we could install shelving specifically for me to can!

It all started when we bought this house last year. We have a full-grown gorgeous apple tree in the backyard. I still don’t know what type of apples they are other than yummy! And while they seem a little later this year they are nice and big and oh so juicy! I didn’t want all of them to go waste like they did last year, so I knew that there was only one thing for me to do…CANNING!

My mom volunteered to help me and another friend who was interested in learning this awesome housewife trait how to can. We bought our jars and a few extra ingredients and off we went. In the first day we peeled, sliced (I let them do that part :)) simmered, and waterbathed close to 30 jars of deliciousness! In the end we have a fall pumpkin apple butter, apple pie filling and a cinnamon syrup. OH BOY! Toast this morning with the apple butter….WOW!

Oh the Fabulousness!!

So I am officially hooked. I still don’t know all the ins and outs yet but at Wal-Mart they have a thick cookbook for 5 bucks in their canning section which is a great information tool. It is something pretty easy to start doing but make sure you plan a whole day for it, it is very time consuming. Preferrably have someone around who has done this a few times before, it is a great help! And if you have fruit trees or are a skilled shopper for produce then canning is just the next step!

I am so excited about it that I already have about 5 more dates for canning planned by the end of the year. Starting with caramel apple butter next week. Pumpkin cubes next month for fresh pumpkin pies…and if you have ever had one of my famous 🙂 pumpkin pies you know that they will be that much more awesome with fresh pumpkin. And since the fall season, possibly canning corn and cream corn while in season too!! YAY for being a fabulous 50’s housewife!

Has anyone else ever ventured into canning? Would it be something that you would want to get into and explore all the possibilities??

In the meantime stay fabulous!


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