TJ and the Time Stumblers

Recently I wanted a little break from heavier reading material I’ve been going through and found TJ and the Time Stumblers by Bill Myers as an option for a free book copy for review for Tyndale. It was a kids series and I picked up in the middle at book 3.

I honestly wasn’t expecting too much, but thought it would be a fun, comical, and lighthearted story. The surprise was how much heart and message the story had as well. It follows a new girl at school TJ and then her two time stumbling companions. The companions, Herby and Tuna, are from the future who came back to study TJ, but more than study they seem to cause a world of humor and chaotic happenings. Such as a large talking elephant with bad breath running through the school. Or creating a device that accidentally turns everyone’s secret thoughts to broadcasts, or even worse the thoughts to reality.

But besides the blunders, fun sound effects, and overall comedy of the time travelers the heart of the story is TJ and learning to accept people, even the obnoxious ones.  There is a popular girl at school that she truly struggles to like or even think anything nice about. This book journey’s her learning to accept other people for who they are and where they are at. A good reminder for anyone at any age as we all have people that we have a hard time accepting due to whatever reason. Two Thumbs up for this adventure. This series would make a great gift for any boy or girl. Lots of adventure with a positive message can’t go wrong!


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