19 Rules – The Good Wife Guide – Rule 1

A couple of months ago I received a precious gift. We go to a monthly couples dinner and while the food is great, the fellowship and friendships formed is sweeter. One of the ladies who know that I love the 50’s housewife theme found me this book called The Good Wife GUide 19 Rules for Keeping a Happy Husband. It is oversized and the type of cardboard book that kids have. It was printed in 2007 but all the pictures are what you imagine the 50’s being like. While I find a few rules a little far-fetched, I thought over the next period of time I’d share a rule every once in a while and add my little modern take if any on it.

Rule 1 A Wife’s Duty

A man’s home is his castle and as such, he ought to be treated like a king. When he returns home from a demanding eight hours on the job (or more!), he rightfully deserves a bit of pampering. It’s every wife’s responsibility to dote upon her hard-working spouse, to show that he is truly appreciated.

My thoughts – even though society has changed and many women work, or both spouses are working, it still seems that most men feel the need of being the provider for the family. The need to take care of their castle. As wives, I feel that we do need to appreciate the work that our husbands do. Granted some jobs are easier than others for our guys in the work force, but no matter what type of work, day in day out can be exhausting. Say we love them, appreciate the work that they are doing even if they sometimes aren’t fond of it. There are husbands who go to work in the middle of the night so they can have work to support their families. The firefighters who take calls in the middle of the night so other people might have a home when the morning comes. How often do we as wives remember to appreciate the work our husbands do. No matter how big or small the job, no matter the size of the paycheck. Sometimes we just need to say thank you and that is me included.

Your thoughts – ??? Feel free to leave a comment.

Stay fabulous!


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