Living Close to God

Recently I received a copy of Living Close to God When You’re Not Good at it by Gene Edwards as a free copy to review from Waterbrook Press. It caught my attention because try as I might I’m horrible at making a consistent daily time of prayer or devotion. At least not in the way you hear of people getting up and praying for an hour on end in the morning and spending half an hour in the Word etc.

This book aims its message at people exactly like me, and I’m sure many people everywhere. The author spends time telling of how some of the most spiritual people he knew, the ones that you could tell daily walked with God were illiterate. How come if they could do it, then why couldn’t he have that close relationship even since he read the Bible daily and consistently prayed??

Gene Edwards writes ideas he has used to develop a richer daily walk with Christ. He in no way down plays the importance of the Bible or prayer, but just that there has to be more. He tells of finding a song that focuses on God and carrying it with you through your day to keep coming back and thinking on it through your day.

Another idea that I particularly loved was to stop and take the smallest moment to say a prayer before you turn your key. He mainly discusses the prayer prior to going and coming home from work. Essentially the book is about finding God in all the small times and filling your day with him. Learning to make it a habit for the most “unspiritual” of people. Overall a very encouraging read with simple ideas to help develop a daily walk with Christ.


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