Wait No More

Kelly & John Rosati have an amazing story. Tyndale offered a free copy of their book called Wait No More for review. It follows about a 10 year span of amazing coincidences that were completely God inspired as they adopted 4 different kid through foster care.

Each time they opened their hearts and asked for God to use them as he saw fit it barely seemed to take more than 24 hours before they got a phone call of another child that needed a place to stay. A place that they could end up calling home. It goes over the ups the downs, joys of homecoming and the struggles that come from children born with health issues due to the sad choices of the birth parents.

One of the pieces that ties into a story with one of the adoptions was the work that Kelly Rosati did while living in Hawaii. She was a lobbyist and one letter received she in no way thought could be true. It let her know that the age of consent was only 14 in Hawaii and essentially asked what she was going to do about it. After much research and lots of lobbying they were able to pass law to raise the age of consent to 16. I was amazed and saddened that any state could have had it so low.

Each chapter will bring more laughter and sometimes tears. And while not every one can adopt everyone can be an encouragement and prayerful partner of those do.


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