A Little Blessing

Sometimes things happen in life that we don’t necessarily know why. Occasionally God gives us a glimpse of his plan while we still walk this earth. Then there are times that we don’t find out till we get our wings, and then sometimes we just get a blessing that reminds us God is in control and always loves us.

Last month was one such reminder. I’ve posted before that a little over a year ago I lost a dear friend. A friend I could go watch chick flicks with and even enjoy shopping for the unmentionables with. Somehow it is just more fun having shopping for a new uh…support system with a friend that tells you that is soo cute, rather than a husband that tells you that looks supportive. We need supportive + cute! 

I’ve never been one to have many friends, just a few close ones that I can share lifes ups and downs with. A weekend shortly after my friends accident we went to church and our church was praying for the different families in the 3 accidents that happened so close to the same time. Breaking into tears an unknown little redhead stopped and gave me a big hug and helped clean me up in the bathroom. I don’t cry cute! I didn’t remember getting her name, but just thinking it was soo sweet that someone I didn’t know did that.

The following January I was determined to get to know more people from church. I ended up inviting numerous couples over for dinner at different times and thought that we really needed to invite over redhead and her husband and kid for dinner just to get to know them. It is a little over a year later and sometimes I’m still blown away how God moves. The family ended up celebrating almost all major holidays with us in 2011. I’m pretty positive that there will be quite a few in 2012 as well. And in January we were talking and realizing it was time for the dreaded unmentionable shopping. (I swear it is almost worse than jeans!) She volunteered to go with me to help me try and find something. We went shopping had fun, and found some cute….support systems.

When I got home and took them out of the bag all I could do was start crying though. Because I realized that while no-one can replace the friend I lost, God can bring new friendships. Friendship that can go unmentionable shopping, or just grocery shopping and have fun. I would have never guessed that the day in tears of losing a friend, God could be sending me another. So blessed that God knows best!


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