Odd very odd

Yesterday morning was my day before the birthday start of birthday weekend celebration. My little group in my office is like a mini family support system to get through our days. I had told them I would bring in something to add to the celebration of Friday and in preparation of my birthday. There was only one catch. Thursday night I completely forgot about making any sort of dessert.

I intended to try and wake up earlier Friday morning to make a quick batch of cookies. My DH laughed at me joking there was no way I’d be up and alert to make cookies in the morning as I’m usually not. Well to both of our surprise I was up and out of bed even before my alarm went off. Up and to the kitchen I went making some chocolate peanutbutter chip cookies. The cookies turned out delicious and the plate quickly disappeared at work.

While all of this was well and good, I found it quite sad in reflection. I can wake up early, be alert and happy in order to make cookies; yet I can’t wake up worth anything if the word exercise or workout is in part of the equation! We have a variety of ways to exercise around the house now, easily making the simple tools of a home gym yet I can never get up to take advantage of it. DH has joked that maybe if he dangled a cookie in my face I may just run after him. Sadly I think he may be right…:) Ok…goal for next week. Wake up earlier if only to do 20 minutes of  yoga or 20 minutes on the bike trainer…I CAN do this….I WILL do this.

Why is gaining weight so much easier than losing it….still one size gone from last year, better get a hurry on this year and maybe I can get 2!

Trying to get fabulous in 2012!


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