A Little About Me

I’m a 27-year-old housewife at heart even though I work full-time outside the home. My job is not my life. I enjoy being at home with my husband and 2 four-legged kids. I enjoy cooking, baking and trying new recipes. I love to make my house a home and find amazing deals. There is a passion for entertaining and sometimes to a point of downfall like making sure the people around me are taken care of.

I recently joined the blogging world last fall with a mission to spend more time on life and relationships by spending less time watching TV. While I no longer count hours that is always at the back of my head and try to make choices to be active and with friends or family instead of in front of the television. This blog has evolved to a place that it follows what I enjoy to do when I’m not watching TV.

Growing up all I had ever wanted to do was a be a stay at home mom from the 50’s. Just minus the high heels. As for this moment that isn’t going to be happening anytime soon. So while this blog might evolve further to include motherhood someday, for right now it covers everything about being the most fabulous working housewife ever!

I hope you enjoy following my blog and if you have ideas for topics on how to be the most fabulous housewife ever please let me know!


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