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When you catch the Sniffles or LUV TRUUUUUU LUV

Everyone reacts a little differently. There are those that pretend they aren’t sick and keep going running themselves into covers taking a bit longer to attempt and recover. Then there is me that will dive bomb the covers and stay there until I start to feel human again.

Then there are those who still attempt to shower, look cute for spouses sake and try the look good to feel good technique. Me, not so much….took one shower this last weekend and made no attempt to look cute. The tissue overflow around me I’m sure helped. Wish I looked like Meg in You’ve Got Mail, but not so much.

Then there is the moment in between the sniffles, tissues and greasy hair where you husband in all seriousness still says you look hot. I think he may be a little crazy, but he was serious. Reason 156 that I love him.

What do you do when you are sick?


To Pin or Not to Pin

Yes oh yes I’m talking about the wonderful and yet so evil Pinterest. I’ve seen it sweeping the blog world, sweeping facebook as it now posts to there as well. Talk at lunch tables at work and in the halls and it is EVERYWHERE. I’ve been asked a few times if I have joined this world. And well the truth is no, I haven’t. I feel compelled to tell the reason why.

I’m going to start by saying that originally I thought it was Pine terest not Pin terest. I possibly think that my original definition of pining was correct, it is creating a deep longing for. About a year ago I was obsessed with blogging and reading other blogs. Reading blog from homemakers, moms, working wifes, design blogs, cooking blogs and about everything in between. I found recipes, crafts, projects, ideas and so much more! I constantly was planning the next remodel, the next project I could save up for. I was following over 100 blogs and seemed to find new links every day. And then one day it hit me like a 2×4, think Tommy Boy.

I had become completely discontent with my life. I had no reason to be discontent I had everything I needed and blessed with so much more. Yet because of the new found pining of projects and abilities, crafts and the time to do them I had become miserable. I wanted to have the funds to go buy old furniture refinish everything and make a totally awesome room. Sad thing is, that as beautiful as I think that makes the room it honestly isn’t me but I WANTED IT! I wanted to do projects that weren’t even me, but felt compelled to do them?!?!?!?! Why, because they were awesome and homemakery???

So as Pinterest comes out and the wave starts and is taking over people everywhere at least for now I will bow out. I will still choose to do projects, but I will do this on my time in my terms and only for something I actually have interest in. If I want a recipe I will search for options on that one concept, not become obsessed with the next 100 recipes I feel the need that I have to try to be the best housewife. I don’t want to feel like a failing housewife seeing 1000’s of ideas that are awesome and great, but not for me and then feel guilty about it. I know that a majority of it is my own issues, but seriously why do it to yourself?

Anyways there is my rant for the day. What do you think about Pinterest?

19 Rules – The Good Wife Guide – Rule 1

A couple of months ago I received a precious gift. We go to a monthly couples dinner and while the food is great, the fellowship and friendships formed is sweeter. One of the ladies who know that I love the 50’s housewife theme found me this book called The Good Wife GUide 19 Rules for Keeping a Happy Husband. It is oversized and the type of cardboard book that kids have. It was printed in 2007 but all the pictures are what you imagine the 50’s being like. While I find a few rules a little far-fetched, I thought over the next period of time I’d share a rule every once in a while and add my little modern take if any on it.

Rule 1 A Wife’s Duty

A man’s home is his castle and as such, he ought to be treated like a king. When he returns home from a demanding eight hours on the job (or more!), he rightfully deserves a bit of pampering. It’s every wife’s responsibility to dote upon her hard-working spouse, to show that he is truly appreciated.

My thoughts – even though society has changed and many women work, or both spouses are working, it still seems that most men feel the need of being the provider for the family. The need to take care of their castle. As wives, I feel that we do need to appreciate the work that our husbands do. Granted some jobs are easier than others for our guys in the work force, but no matter what type of work, day in day out can be exhausting. Say we love them, appreciate the work that they are doing even if they sometimes aren’t fond of it. There are husbands who go to work in the middle of the night so they can have work to support their families. The firefighters who take calls in the middle of the night so other people might have a home when the morning comes. How often do we as wives remember to appreciate the work our husbands do. No matter how big or small the job, no matter the size of the paycheck. Sometimes we just need to say thank you and that is me included.

Your thoughts – ??? Feel free to leave a comment.

Stay fabulous!

A Different Alarm

With my new position at work came different hours. I went from having to be awake and to work at 7 to now 8:30. That is a huge difference in the morning and I decided to spend that extra time well…by sleeping in. 🙂

This morning however that was not the case. My alarm goes off at six, every morning a reminder that I really need to be getting up to do yoga or something productive, but usually roll over and go back to sleep. Maybe someday it will work right? This morning though I was not able to return to peaceful slumbers. Instead I heard the step step step and a kick off of the slippers as my dear hubby plopped on the bed and simply said, “smell”. Now I know what you are probably thinking and no that isn’t what he did.

For his birthday, he was able to purchase teas from Adagio. We got trail packs for over 12 different loose leaf teas and a little steeper thingy to fit in a mug. This morning was a Vanilla Roobios something Chai. The mug of fresh tea was what he held up to my nose and woke me up with. Then instead of his normal going to get on the computer as the morning ritual goes, he sat and talked me awake for the next 30 minutes. Which in all honesty is pretty cute that he didn’t want to wait for me to get up and just wanted to talk to me this morning.

When was the last time you couldn’t wait to talk to your spouse in the morning? So much so you couldn’t wait and had to wake them up to talk to them? If you don’t have a cranky riser on your hands I’d suggest it sometime! If you do have a cranky rise, I might just vote to let them sleep!!!!

Until next time, stay fabulous!

Rather Embarassing

You ever have one of those moments when you would like to literally crawl under your desk and hide? Yesterday was one such moment.

To give you a little history my computer at work has had some technical difficulties with Outlook. The silly search function would do not as I pleased and was being rather difficult. I spent a few hours with our tech support over online chatting, another couple of hours on the phone and to no prevail! It still wouldn’t allow me to do the most simple search. Something I desperately needed so I could stop pestering my fellow workers.

As with most customer service after a series of things they will ask if you want to take a survey. Around the same time as my survey email dinged into my box, my co-worker leaned over and asked to try clicking a few things to see if he could magically make my computer work. And wouldn’t you know it HE DID! In all of 2 clicks my search function, functioned beautifully! Everything just as I needed it.

Well at this point you can imagine my disgust with the hours I had spent with tech support. While everyone was friendly and nice, none of them figured out what was obviously a simple correction. So I quite plainly put that in my comments of the survey. Again I mentioned that they were courteous and all that good stuff, but unhappy with amount of time spent when it was such a simple correction. Especially since they told me that what I wanted to do couldn’t be done. I knew it could because every single one of my co-workers were doing this!

Fast forward a week or two later. We are constantly having visitors at our office and I really thought nothing of this occasion. That is until my boss said hey you have someone here to see you. I turn around and 2 guys are walking towards my little desk.

To put it plainly they said that they wanted to come find out what happened as the survey received wasn’t so positive.  OH NO! I was now face to face with my bad survey. We explained what was fixed, and then much to my amusement and embarrassment my co-worker who fixed the problem was quick to point how out frustrated I was with the hours wasted and no solution. Thankfully the guy was gracious and said well as long as it is fixed that is what matters.  Did I mention I’m told him I thought it was a woman who emailed me only to find out it was him? Seriously why do parents do that to their kids…and give them a name that sounds more feminine than masculine or vise versa???? SERIOUSLY PEOPLE…think first!

Anyways…that is my embarrassing story of the day. So think first when you do a survey as you might have to meet the person you do the survey on or find out the woman was really a man. Yikes!

Until that day….stay fabulous!

Sometimes I forget…

Sadly, it is something I should never forget. I forget who my absolute best friend is. I went to church this morning and was reminded….It was a series on marriage (you can find the podcast here)…todays tagline was friends with benefits (within a marriage, of course).

Often I think about the different friends I’ve had through life. Being a local in a military town many friends have come and gone. Then I think well so and so was my best friend then, or man I haven’t heard from my good friend recently, or wow how can best friends cause so much pain like that. Or even one that has often bothered me is how come I don’t have a best friend right now.

This morning reminded me of something though. That almost 3 years ago on Novemember 8th I married my absolute best friend on earth. The one that I knew I would want to grow old with, laugh with and never be without. He has seen my hair all crazy in the morning with bad breath and still tells me I’m beautiful. He knows that I almost never remember to put toilet paper on the roll and never once complains. He uses his words to re-create me in the best form possible and strive for the best in my relationship with him and God.

All that to say that this mornings sermon reminded me that over a life time many friends will come and go, but I already married my best friend. And wherever he is going, there I’ll be too.

Have you told your spouse that you loved them today? Go give them a big fat hug! Or if they’ve already gone to work, I’m sure that just this once they won’t mind if you call just to say you love them!

Don’t forget that everyday deserves its chance at fabulous!

Customer Service and Cupcakes

This last weekend was yet another occasion where cupcakes are desperately needed. We celebrated hubs birthday this last weekend and per his request he wanted yellow cake with chocolate frosting cupcakes. That seemed a little boring so I added crushed butterfinger to the top of the cupcake and OMG! Can we say delicious?!?! Too bad we ate cupcakes so quick there were none left for pictures!

Part of the reason they disappeared so quick is that I was a good girl and took them to work after separating a little portion for ourselves. Not going to stop eating cupcakes, but I will stop eating half a batch! I know that my workplace definitely enjoys them. Think I even heard a couple people talk about scoring a second cupcake. I almost think I get as much joy watching other people enjoying my cupcakes as I do eating them. It makes me sublimely happy watching someone enjoy something I created…maybe that makes me weird. Who knows?

This week I am excited to try a couple of new recipes for Couple’s Dinner. I have found a hot broccoli cheese dip with a homemade pretzel recipes. I will be posting links to the recipes and picture results on once I have tried them out. In the meantime, I have to come up with something creative as there are multiple baby showers coming up. Oiy…I guess everyone gets in the mood same time of year 🙂

Until the next recipe or project or even funny life story…Stay fabulous!