Living Close to God

Recently I received a copy of Living Close to God When You’re Not Good at it by Gene Edwards as a free copy to review from Waterbrook Press. It caught my attention because try as I might I’m horrible at making a consistent daily time of prayer or devotion. At least not in the way you hear of people getting up and praying for an hour on end in the morning and spending half an hour in the Word etc.

This book aims its message at people exactly like me, and I’m sure many people everywhere. The author spends time telling of how some of the most spiritual people he knew, the ones that you could tell daily walked with God were illiterate. How come if they could do it, then why couldn’t he have that close relationship even since he read the Bible daily and consistently prayed??

Gene Edwards writes ideas he has used to develop a richer daily walk with Christ. He in no way down plays the importance of the Bible or prayer, but just that there has to be more. He tells of finding a song that focuses on God and carrying it with you through your day to keep coming back and thinking on it through your day.

Another idea that I particularly loved was to stop and take the smallest moment to say a prayer before you turn your key. He mainly discusses the prayer prior to going and coming home from work. Essentially the book is about finding God in all the small times and filling your day with him. Learning to make it a habit for the most “unspiritual” of people. Overall a very encouraging read with simple ideas to help develop a daily walk with Christ.


Wait No More

Kelly & John Rosati have an amazing story. Tyndale offered a free copy of their book called Wait No More for review. It follows about a 10 year span of amazing coincidences that were completely God inspired as they adopted 4 different kid through foster care.

Each time they opened their hearts and asked for God to use them as he saw fit it barely seemed to take more than 24 hours before they got a phone call of another child that needed a place to stay. A place that they could end up calling home. It goes over the ups the downs, joys of homecoming and the struggles that come from children born with health issues due to the sad choices of the birth parents.

One of the pieces that ties into a story with one of the adoptions was the work that Kelly Rosati did while living in Hawaii. She was a lobbyist and one letter received she in no way thought could be true. It let her know that the age of consent was only 14 in Hawaii and essentially asked what she was going to do about it. After much research and lots of lobbying they were able to pass law to raise the age of consent to 16. I was amazed and saddened that any state could have had it so low.

Each chapter will bring more laughter and sometimes tears. And while not every one can adopt everyone can be an encouragement and prayerful partner of those do.

19 Rules – The Good Wife Guide – Rule 1

A couple of months ago I received a precious gift. We go to a monthly couples dinner and while the food is great, the fellowship and friendships formed is sweeter. One of the ladies who know that I love the 50’s housewife theme found me this book called The Good Wife GUide 19 Rules for Keeping a Happy Husband. It is oversized and the type of cardboard book that kids have. It was printed in 2007 but all the pictures are what you imagine the 50’s being like. While I find a few rules a little far-fetched, I thought over the next period of time I’d share a rule every once in a while and add my little modern take if any on it.

Rule 1 A Wife’s Duty

A man’s home is his castle and as such, he ought to be treated like a king. When he returns home from a demanding eight hours on the job (or more!), he rightfully deserves a bit of pampering. It’s every wife’s responsibility to dote upon her hard-working spouse, to show that he is truly appreciated.

My thoughts – even though society has changed and many women work, or both spouses are working, it still seems that most men feel the need of being the provider for the family. The need to take care of their castle. As wives, I feel that we do need to appreciate the work that our husbands do. Granted some jobs are easier than others for our guys in the work force, but no matter what type of work, day in day out can be exhausting. Say we love them, appreciate the work that they are doing even if they sometimes aren’t fond of it. There are husbands who go to work in the middle of the night so they can have work to support their families. The firefighters who take calls in the middle of the night so other people might have a home when the morning comes. How often do we as wives remember to appreciate the work our husbands do. No matter how big or small the job, no matter the size of the paycheck. Sometimes we just need to say thank you and that is me included.

Your thoughts – ??? Feel free to leave a comment.

Stay fabulous!

TJ and the Time Stumblers

Recently I wanted a little break from heavier reading material I’ve been going through and found TJ and the Time Stumblers by Bill Myers as an option for a free book copy for review for Tyndale. It was a kids series and I picked up in the middle at book 3.

I honestly wasn’t expecting too much, but thought it would be a fun, comical, and lighthearted story. The surprise was how much heart and message the story had as well. It follows a new girl at school TJ and then her two time stumbling companions. The companions, Herby and Tuna, are from the future who came back to study TJ, but more than study they seem to cause a world of humor and chaotic happenings. Such as a large talking elephant with bad breath running through the school. Or creating a device that accidentally turns everyone’s secret thoughts to broadcasts, or even worse the thoughts to reality.

But besides the blunders, fun sound effects, and overall comedy of the time travelers the heart of the story is TJ and learning to accept people, even the obnoxious ones.  There is a popular girl at school that she truly struggles to like or even think anything nice about. This book journey’s her learning to accept other people for who they are and where they are at. A good reminder for anyone at any age as we all have people that we have a hard time accepting due to whatever reason. Two Thumbs up for this adventure. This series would make a great gift for any boy or girl. Lots of adventure with a positive message can’t go wrong!

Canning and More Canning

So yesterday I caught a bug. Not your normal type of bug, but the bug for canning. So much so that by the time my canning buddies left (teacher aka mom and other newbie friend) hubs and I were talking about where we could install shelving specifically for me to can!

It all started when we bought this house last year. We have a full-grown gorgeous apple tree in the backyard. I still don’t know what type of apples they are other than yummy! And while they seem a little later this year they are nice and big and oh so juicy! I didn’t want all of them to go waste like they did last year, so I knew that there was only one thing for me to do…CANNING!

My mom volunteered to help me and another friend who was interested in learning this awesome housewife trait how to can. We bought our jars and a few extra ingredients and off we went. In the first day we peeled, sliced (I let them do that part :)) simmered, and waterbathed close to 30 jars of deliciousness! In the end we have a fall pumpkin apple butter, apple pie filling and a cinnamon syrup. OH BOY! Toast this morning with the apple butter….WOW!

Oh the Fabulousness!!

So I am officially hooked. I still don’t know all the ins and outs yet but at Wal-Mart they have a thick cookbook for 5 bucks in their canning section which is a great information tool. It is something pretty easy to start doing but make sure you plan a whole day for it, it is very time consuming. Preferrably have someone around who has done this a few times before, it is a great help! And if you have fruit trees or are a skilled shopper for produce then canning is just the next step!

I am so excited about it that I already have about 5 more dates for canning planned by the end of the year. Starting with caramel apple butter next week. Pumpkin cubes next month for fresh pumpkin pies…and if you have ever had one of my famous 🙂 pumpkin pies you know that they will be that much more awesome with fresh pumpkin. And since the fall season, possibly canning corn and cream corn while in season too!! YAY for being a fabulous 50’s housewife!

Has anyone else ever ventured into canning? Would it be something that you would want to get into and explore all the possibilities??

In the meantime stay fabulous!

A Different Alarm

With my new position at work came different hours. I went from having to be awake and to work at 7 to now 8:30. That is a huge difference in the morning and I decided to spend that extra time well…by sleeping in. 🙂

This morning however that was not the case. My alarm goes off at six, every morning a reminder that I really need to be getting up to do yoga or something productive, but usually roll over and go back to sleep. Maybe someday it will work right? This morning though I was not able to return to peaceful slumbers. Instead I heard the step step step and a kick off of the slippers as my dear hubby plopped on the bed and simply said, “smell”. Now I know what you are probably thinking and no that isn’t what he did.

For his birthday, he was able to purchase teas from Adagio. We got trail packs for over 12 different loose leaf teas and a little steeper thingy to fit in a mug. This morning was a Vanilla Roobios something Chai. The mug of fresh tea was what he held up to my nose and woke me up with. Then instead of his normal going to get on the computer as the morning ritual goes, he sat and talked me awake for the next 30 minutes. Which in all honesty is pretty cute that he didn’t want to wait for me to get up and just wanted to talk to me this morning.

When was the last time you couldn’t wait to talk to your spouse in the morning? So much so you couldn’t wait and had to wake them up to talk to them? If you don’t have a cranky riser on your hands I’d suggest it sometime! If you do have a cranky rise, I might just vote to let them sleep!!!!

Until next time, stay fabulous!

Rather Embarassing

You ever have one of those moments when you would like to literally crawl under your desk and hide? Yesterday was one such moment.

To give you a little history my computer at work has had some technical difficulties with Outlook. The silly search function would do not as I pleased and was being rather difficult. I spent a few hours with our tech support over online chatting, another couple of hours on the phone and to no prevail! It still wouldn’t allow me to do the most simple search. Something I desperately needed so I could stop pestering my fellow workers.

As with most customer service after a series of things they will ask if you want to take a survey. Around the same time as my survey email dinged into my box, my co-worker leaned over and asked to try clicking a few things to see if he could magically make my computer work. And wouldn’t you know it HE DID! In all of 2 clicks my search function, functioned beautifully! Everything just as I needed it.

Well at this point you can imagine my disgust with the hours I had spent with tech support. While everyone was friendly and nice, none of them figured out what was obviously a simple correction. So I quite plainly put that in my comments of the survey. Again I mentioned that they were courteous and all that good stuff, but unhappy with amount of time spent when it was such a simple correction. Especially since they told me that what I wanted to do couldn’t be done. I knew it could because every single one of my co-workers were doing this!

Fast forward a week or two later. We are constantly having visitors at our office and I really thought nothing of this occasion. That is until my boss said hey you have someone here to see you. I turn around and 2 guys are walking towards my little desk.

To put it plainly they said that they wanted to come find out what happened as the survey received wasn’t so positive.  OH NO! I was now face to face with my bad survey. We explained what was fixed, and then much to my amusement and embarrassment my co-worker who fixed the problem was quick to point how out frustrated I was with the hours wasted and no solution. Thankfully the guy was gracious and said well as long as it is fixed that is what matters.  Did I mention I’m told him I thought it was a woman who emailed me only to find out it was him? Seriously why do parents do that to their kids…and give them a name that sounds more feminine than masculine or vise versa???? SERIOUSLY PEOPLE…think first!

Anyways…that is my embarrassing story of the day. So think first when you do a survey as you might have to meet the person you do the survey on or find out the woman was really a man. Yikes!

Until that day….stay fabulous!