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Hope and Encouragement

While not reading as much I still read and will blog for the occasional book. Recently I received a copy of Fierce Beauty by Kim Meeder as a complimentary copy for review by Multnomah Publishers. The catch line is Choosing to Stand for What Matters Most. There are 18 chapters, 18 real life stories that inspire and encourage and help reveal the heart of God.

The moment starting the book it captures you as the author is caught hanging off the mountain side having made a bad turn on the path. Each chapter starts off a story that will grab you hook line and sinker. It uses many different examples to show God’s love for his daughters, for His children. One of the beautiful pictures it paints throughout the book is a beautiful woman giving up the crowns of entitlement and grabbing the sword to be a warrior for God.

Perhaps one of my favorite stories was one for the puppy, no the boulder, or the smile. Well I honestly don’t know because there were really too many. The boulder though was a great reminder that the things we think are the most permanent the things that we trust and put our faith in the world can still change. We can’t take anything for granted. It was the great picture that money, position, loved ones, jobs, any of them can come and go in a heartbeat. The only foundation, the only unchanging thing is God.

I can’t say anything negative about this book. Well, I guess I could say that you may need some kleenex. There were numerous times it brought tears to my eyes. Either way I would recommend reading it!