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To Pin or Not to Pin

Yes oh yes I’m talking about the wonderful and yet so evil Pinterest. I’ve seen it sweeping the blog world, sweeping facebook as it now posts to there as well. Talk at lunch tables at work and in the halls and it is EVERYWHERE. I’ve been asked a few times if I have joined this world. And well the truth is no, I haven’t. I feel compelled to tell the reason why.

I’m going to start by saying that originally I thought it was Pine terest not Pin terest. I possibly think that my original definition of pining was correct, it is creating a deep longing for. About a year ago I was obsessed with blogging and reading other blogs. Reading blog from homemakers, moms, working wifes, design blogs, cooking blogs and about everything in between. I found recipes, crafts, projects, ideas and so much more! I constantly was planning the next remodel, the next project I could save up for. I was following over 100 blogs and seemed to find new links every day. And then one day it hit me like a 2×4, think Tommy Boy.

I had become completely discontent with my life. I had no reason to be discontent I had everything I needed and blessed with so much more. Yet because of the new found pining of projects and abilities, crafts and the time to do them I had become miserable. I wanted to have the funds to go buy old furniture refinish everything and make a totally awesome room. Sad thing is, that as beautiful as I think that makes the room it honestly isn’t me but I WANTED IT! I wanted to do projects that weren’t even me, but felt compelled to do them?!?!?!?! Why, because they were awesome and homemakery???

So as Pinterest comes out and the wave starts and is taking over people everywhere at least for now I will bow out. I will still choose to do projects, but I will do this on my time in my terms and only for something I actually have interest in. If I want a recipe I will search for options on that one concept, not become obsessed with the next 100 recipes I feel the need that I have to try to be the best housewife. I don’t want to feel like a failing housewife seeing 1000’s of ideas that are awesome and great, but not for me and then feel guilty about it. I know that a majority of it is my own issues, but seriously why do it to yourself?

Anyways there is my rant for the day. What do you think about Pinterest?


A Bucket List

No matter where we are in being a housewife whether it is a¬†working housewife, s-a-h housewife, with kids, no kids; we always have dreams of something we want to see or go do. Maybe the season we are in won’t allow the travel, but it will allow learning how to crochet, make crafts, cook from scratch.¬† It can be fun to write out a list and think of anything and everything that we have ever wanted to see or do or just try to say we did.

I have multiple lists written at different times in my old scrapbooks and it is fun looking back and seeing what has happened. Somethings just look ridiculous now and I cross them off my list without being done! There are others that I excitedly cross off and will forever hold it in my heart as a Cloud 9 experience. Then there are the few that I just smile at saying it would be nice, but doubt that it will actually happen.

I have started a bucket list here on the blog that will be updated as I cross things off or find new things to add. As a reminder to have a goal, something to work towards. Somethings might not be possible now, but it doesn’t mean it won’t be in the next season of life.

Sample Bucket List (Full list here)

  • Visit the Colosseum and well most of Italy
  • Go bike riding around Amsterdam
  • Vacation in a hut over water on a tropical island
  • Go to Sandals resort
  • See play on broadway
  • Visit New York
  • See show in Globe Theater in London
  • Remodel kitchen
  • Go snowmobiling
  • Walk on Great Wall
  • Take Hubby to visit China, Scotland and England with me (I’ve seen them before but prior to meeting.)
  • Tour Ireland
  • Swim with a dolphin
  • Go back to Hawaii…many times over (will never be able to be crossed off)
  • Go back to La Vita Bella…the restaurant from our first date in Seattle
  • Visit tallest bar/restaurant in the world (located in Shanghai)
  • Have you written a bucket list? Have you ever had a Cloud 9 moment of crossing something off your bucket list? What was it?