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The Crazy Cat Lady’s…..Neighbors

I think at some point everyone has heard the stories of the lady that has many many oh so many cats running around. To the point that everywhere you look, there is not one but two cats. At some point during my DH growing up years, he truly lived next to one of these people. He can tell a few stories and the one that I have heard the most was about how their yard was not a yard but a litter box. I don’t know that he has ever recovered.

My husband while truly allergic, has a slight disliking of cats on property. To me it is almost humorous as I watch him run from the car stomping and making noise to shoo them off the property. Well last night topped the cake and I felt the need to share with blog land.

We had just turned off the bedside lamps and were laying down to hopefully peaceful slumbers, when we heard this LOUD MEOWWWCKKKK. Uh Oh….cat fight. Then we heard a whump followed by dut dut dut dut dut….This was our bulldog jumping off the couch and running to our big kitchen windows to see said fight on our front deck. Then he ran to front door and back to kitchen. Now was when it gets interesting. My husband instead of letting things run their course proceeds to hop out of bed and get dressed to go outside. I then hear the doors opening and he is running around on the deck trying to get the cats off our property. If that wasn’t good enough he comes back inside grabs our bulldog and goes back outside with him letting him walk around property and hopefully scare off any hiding cats.

After a few rounds outside he finally comes back in for the evening, completely serious about getting the cats off the property. I don’t know when I’m going to get over finding this little tidbit about my DH incredibly funny. It does irritate me that we have them in our yard just because it riles up our dogs, but that is about it. I have a feeling chili powder on the deck rails may be in our near future. If it can keep ferrel cats out of garbage then I’m sure it can keep neighbor cats off our front deck. 🙂

You have any amusing stories about a dear spouse little pet peeves? I’d love to hear them.


New Foods & New Friends

Hubby and I live in a military town. If you haven’t lived in one, or are not familiar with one the biggest thing you should know is that there is a HUGE turnover rate. Usually by the time you really get to know someone they are getting their next duty station and are packing up their house.

A positive way to look at it, is that the more friends you develop the more places you will have to stay for free when you travel! 🙂 That obviously isn’t the only reason. It can be lonely for new military people who come into a town having just left all their previously made friends and don’t know a single person in town. This can be true of anywhere if someone just recently moved to a new place though.

An awesome thing about church is it can be a great place to meet new people who have just come to town. We invited one new couple over for dinner. (Something we are trying to do on a regular basis.) Never quite sure what to expect when you are starting the get to know you process, I was pleasantly surprised when we spent the whole night talking and laughing so hard that my abs literally hurt the next day.

Dinner tablephoto © 2008 Kari | more info (via: Wylio)

Since then we have had movie dates and even another play date where we let our dogs meet and have a doggy date as well! Last night we had a return invitation for dinner. (It is always nice when you invite someone over for dinner and they invite you back to their house later!) We tried coos coos for the first time and it was delicious! Plus finding another dog that we can have ours socialize with is awesome!

Summary of this little adventure is that sometimes we need to step outside the box, out of our comfort zone and make the effort to be the friend that we hope someone else would be to us! While we might not hit it off with everyone and be lifelong friends, we might miss a new potential friend that you will still be keeping in contact with when you are 80! So next time you see a new face at church or in the work place and they are trying to figure out their new city. Think about inviting them over for dinner or out for a cup of coffee. Chances are that they will be excited that someone is making the effort to get to know them!

Happy Wednesday!

PS…Remember people aren’t going to care how super clean and perfect your house, they are going to care that you took the time and effort to invite them into your home!

Only 5.3 hours! YAY!

So maybe I shouldn’t be too excited about my total because this week was insanely busy. Or maybe that is the point is to be active and out doing things and getting to know people and not on your butt watching the big screen? Exercising this week…well not so much but I did walk to and from work most of the week. SO that is 1.5 miles for each day I walk to work. Not much but everything helps. Friday night was a Scentsy party and a lot of fun. I was able to get to know a couple of people from church that I usually don’t get much time to talk with. And I always find it wonderful when I can get either of the moms out of the house to something social. So it was a blessing to have them there and see them visiting with other people.

So the continuing journey to find a new family member. Saturday we went down to Camano island animal shelter sure that Hammer/Hammy was going to be the “one”. He looked so cute online and when I called they had described him as 60 lbs and he sounded wonderful. We got there and the guy was cute but a tank and didn’t look that much like a black lab. There was another really cute lab mix named Remy there who was 9 months. He was WAAAYYY too much energy for Sadie. So after that we headed down to Paws in Lynwood. That is a really nice shelter for anyone looking to adopt a dog/cat. There was a boy named Frankie who was a 4 year old black lab. Super cute but again way to much energy. As we were walking back into the kennels area there was this bulldog with his tongue sticking out that turned and looked at me. My heart melted. I kept hearing my friend Candace in my head saying look for the perfect temperament of dog not the perfect breed. (A bulldog really wasn’t on my list of ideal breeds I was looking for!) But we met him and he just stood there and wiggled and was so chill. We were told that he had even met little kids and he just stood there and wiggled not trying to tackle or play hard with them. We ran out of time to have him meet Sadie and had to go as they were closing for the day. We had a late start to the day but there is a whole different adventure.

Sunday we headed back down there after church. My Mom to my total surprise wanted so badly to go with us to see the new doggy we might be getting followed us down to Lynwood. (Normally we’d go in the jeep but that is currently down for the week. 😦 ) We got Sadie and took them to the meet and greet area. He was so relaxed letting her check him out and then wasn’t pushy with her at all. By the end of the short meet and greet, seeing him play (There were a few concerns that he might be too relaxed from seeing him the night before!) and how the 2 of them seemed to be getting along, we were back in office filling out papers for adoption our new baby boy!

Just signed the paperwork!

Made a few quick stops on the way home and took him to visit our family friends. Then at home it was getting the second bed out, the kennel down and bath time. He is going to be a 2 person job for bath time. Oiy. But all in all it was a good night. Sadie will have to learn to give him some boundaries about where she wants to sleep or toys, but I think by the end of the week they will be best of friends. I’m so excited. The family feels complete, at least for the next 5 or so years 😉

That concludes this past weekends adventure highlights! This week will be busy getting used to a new rhythm with a second dog, several walk/runs, cleaning and making my menu for Thanksgiving, small group and grocery shopping. WOW that sounds like a lot when everything gets written down!! Hope that you have a productive week as we come upon this Holiday season!


What Counts?

Last night Eric and I got into a discussion of what would count as TV watching time. Both Monday and Tuesday night I had put a show on for Eric while I worked on my scrapblog in the living room. He promptly passed out while I sort of watched and then worked on the scrapblog. I told him that I thought I should divide the hours of the shows in 2 and call that my time for the week so far. Logically, I only was half watching the shows, right? Eric laughed and said that wasn’t going to work for me and I should count the total show time. His logic is that I should be fully focused on what I am doing. Which in my mind I say I’ m a girl I can multitask, focus haha I’m always focused. 🙂

BUT for all intents and purposes of what this blog is supposed to be about he is right. 😦 So instead of me sneaking by at 2 hours so far for this week, I’m really at 3:20. So last night I finished my work on scrapblog, set aside the computer, made my air popped popcorn and thoroughly focused and enjoyed my episode of NCIS. (Please note that we do not have cable and when I watch a TV show it is because they are at least a season old so do not spoil anything current as I haven’t gotten there yet 🙂 )

So there you have it. Trying to break TVaholism isn’t easy. I was trying to non-intentionally sneak it and got busted    😦   In other news for this week, I have almost finished another book and have a couple of new ones waiting at the library. Also a couple of Christmas presents are finished and now ready to order. Scrapblog is a wonderful thing! The most exciting is that Eric is ready to start the adoption search. Saturday we are heading to PAWS in Lynwood and see if we can’t find ourselves another 4 legged kid.