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Oh My Goodness

Has it really been around three months since I’ve blogged? I many times thought of great posts or that I need to get back to blogging, but my good intentions haven’t gotten me very far.

While I wouldn’t say that I have new years resolutions I would say that I have goals. Here are a few of them for the new year.

1. Play piano more, my skills have been sliding.
2. Train levi to walk on leash. I like my shoulder in the socket.
3. Pay off Satine and have two paid for vehicles. Yes, I name all vehicles.
4. Finish daily Bible reading plan for year. I have yet to finish a yearly plan, would really like to!
5. Clean/pretty up one section of our front yard.
6. Try out at least 4 more of our camping resort locations.
7. Master cinnamon rolls and try making a gourmet cheesecake.
8. Lose one pant size. Lost one last year, lets go for another one this year. You have to have one weight loss goal, it’s like a requirement.
9. Grow current friendships and make some new ones.
10. Fall more in love each day with hot, hunky, cutiepie husband! That won’t be difficult 🙂

No particular order and lots of randomness, but there you have it. While not on the list, blogging more consistently with keeping up on scrapbooking should be!

Try and fill in a few highlights of the last couple of months over the next few weeks.

Stay fabulous in the new year!


Sometimes I forget…

Sadly, it is something I should never forget. I forget who my absolute best friend is. I went to church this morning and was reminded….It was a series on marriage (you can find the podcast here)…todays tagline was friends with benefits (within a marriage, of course).

Often I think about the different friends I’ve had through life. Being a local in a military town many friends have come and gone. Then I think well so and so was my best friend then, or man I haven’t heard from my good friend recently, or wow how can best friends cause so much pain like that. Or even one that has often bothered me is how come I don’t have a best friend right now.

This morning reminded me of something though. That almost 3 years ago on Novemember 8th I married my absolute best friend on earth. The one that I knew I would want to grow old with, laugh with and never be without. He has seen my hair all crazy in the morning with bad breath and still tells me I’m beautiful. He knows that I almost never remember to put toilet paper on the roll and never once complains. He uses his words to re-create me in the best form possible and strive for the best in my relationship with him and God.

All that to say that this mornings sermon reminded me that over a life time many friends will come and go, but I already married my best friend. And wherever he is going, there I’ll be too.

Have you told your spouse that you loved them today? Go give them a big fat hug! Or if they’ve already gone to work, I’m sure that just this once they won’t mind if you call just to say you love them!

Don’t forget that everyday deserves its chance at fabulous!

Updates from Insanity

The last few weeks have been lagging a bit here in blogland. My stress level have been on the rise in the month of June as everything pulled together and lined up for the most insane 3+ weeks of July EVER!

Namely 2 sets of relatives and one set of family friends are all coming to town in the same three weeks and most of which is overlapping! AAAAHHHHH! Clean, Prepare, Menu, Organize, Scream….and then BAKE (my sanity). This all starts after the next weekend of a big community garage sale, couples dinner and Costco run for the first 4th of July BBQ! I don’t think any friends or family should expect to see us at all the last week of July!!

So in between everything I will still try to be posting, but it will most likely only be 2 or 3 times a week and then pick back up again in August. In the mean time I have a family fun summer activities coming this Thursday. Great strides in fitness report from friday. (Tylenol is next step after finishing this post!) And to top it off I’ve learned the art of giving most of my baking away. Allowing me to sample and try new recipes and then give it away and I’m trying to strictly follow calorie guidelines. This weeks sampling is going to be Peanut Butter Truffle balls. Idea found HERE at Tidy Mom. Her blog has lots of great ideas and kitchen ideas that make me drool…I can’t wait to try these!!!

Peanut Butter Brownie Bites

So there is a little bit of an update of the craziness that is this housewife. Now just to pray for the sanity and peace in getting everything pulled together!!!!

How did your summer plans pull together? Anything crazy or super fun?? I’d love to hear about it!

Blackout Dates

This year has brought something I never expected to happen. An insanely busy social schedule. As we have been inviting people over for dinner and making new friends, it seems my little white board looks like a month of scribbles instead of open dates.

While both Hubby and I are very social and like getting to spend time with new friends/family there also comes a point where you need a break. So starting in the month of June we discussed starting blackout dates. The day/days get picked at beginning of month, some weekend some weekday and they get blacked out. Nothing gets scheduled that day. We may choose to go do something together or stay home and watch movies in pajamas, either way it is for us.

The kids aspect of this hasn’t happened yet, but I have a feeling that this is something that we would want to continue.  I see plenty of families that get swamped with parents personal activities, kids games, kids activities and hanging out with friends. Whether it is a Friday night ritual or a day of your choosing, what an idea to black it out and just have it be family time. Once people catch on that is a family thing for you to have X day booked, people generally respect it and even think that it is a great idea!

Make time for yourself. Make time for your family. While it is great building relationships, keeping up with activities and being involved in ministries; it won’t work well if you drive yourself to burnout!

There are the thoughts for this Monday. Hope you had a fabulous weekend and an even more fabulous week!

Truly Fabulous and 50’s

When we bought our 1949 house we always wanted to keep as true to style as possible in re-decorating our house. We didn’t want anything to modern installed. Loving our old-fashioned Timberline fireplace insert and all the built-ins…we wanted to stay true to our house.

Sometimes as a younger couple it is a take what you can get and sometimes just what you can afford type of situation. We were moving out of a smaller apartment and didn’t own a dining room table. We found a cheap Craigslist table for 60.00 that could seat 6 comfortable and 6 mismatched chairs. While not super comfortable, it was highly functionable and exciting to just have a dining room set.

This last weekend we got a phone call from one of our friends that were re-doing their dining room and wanted to know if we’d be interested in their table. I was very interested for what in my opinion was a more “grown-up” looking dining room table. While I had gone out for my movie on Sunday our friends delivered our new table and matching chairs.

Hubby's Chair

It has six chairs but three leaves that can make the table 102 inches and seat quite a few more. I can’t wait to host big dinner parties with it.

Our New Grown Up Table from the 50's

The even more exciting part is that it needs to be re-finished. Dark cherry wood has gotten worn with time and it needs a little TLC to bring back its former glory. One thing the previous owner informed me of is that this table was built in February of 1951. I couldn’t be more excited to have a dining table built in the 1950’s. If you’ve been around a while you know that I tend to try when I get extra happy. This was one of those times. So it might be a while before you see updated pictures the set as it is number 101 on our project to-do list, but this table is amazing and worth the wait of getting to re-finish.

To All Friends who DIY...any suggestions on the spindle?

In case you were wondering project # 1 is re-doing a section of our old worn fence where puppies 1 & 2 decided to try to escape last night. Oiy…the fun.

What is your latest DIY project that you have going on?

New Foods & New Friends

Hubby and I live in a military town. If you haven’t lived in one, or are not familiar with one the biggest thing you should know is that there is a HUGE turnover rate. Usually by the time you really get to know someone they are getting their next duty station and are packing up their house.

A positive way to look at it, is that the more friends you develop the more places you will have to stay for free when you travel! 🙂 That obviously isn’t the only reason. It can be lonely for new military people who come into a town having just left all their previously made friends and don’t know a single person in town. This can be true of anywhere if someone just recently moved to a new place though.

An awesome thing about church is it can be a great place to meet new people who have just come to town. We invited one new couple over for dinner. (Something we are trying to do on a regular basis.) Never quite sure what to expect when you are starting the get to know you process, I was pleasantly surprised when we spent the whole night talking and laughing so hard that my abs literally hurt the next day.

Dinner tablephoto © 2008 Kari | more info (via: Wylio)

Since then we have had movie dates and even another play date where we let our dogs meet and have a doggy date as well! Last night we had a return invitation for dinner. (It is always nice when you invite someone over for dinner and they invite you back to their house later!) We tried coos coos for the first time and it was delicious! Plus finding another dog that we can have ours socialize with is awesome!

Summary of this little adventure is that sometimes we need to step outside the box, out of our comfort zone and make the effort to be the friend that we hope someone else would be to us! While we might not hit it off with everyone and be lifelong friends, we might miss a new potential friend that you will still be keeping in contact with when you are 80! So next time you see a new face at church or in the work place and they are trying to figure out their new city. Think about inviting them over for dinner or out for a cup of coffee. Chances are that they will be excited that someone is making the effort to get to know them!

Happy Wednesday!

PS…Remember people aren’t going to care how super clean and perfect your house, they are going to care that you took the time and effort to invite them into your home!

Looking Forward

As a person and even as a blogger I’m always looking forward. How to grow as a child of God, how to better manage my time and things on earth, and even how to better manage my fitness! A housewife, especially trying to be a “fabulous” one, trying to take care of my body should be something that rounds out my activities and is carefully planned into my time. However, at least for me many times this is not the case.

One of my dearest friends and I have a goal. By the time we get to see each other next (about 4-5 months away) we want to lose a dress size. Considering the amount of time that is a relatively small and manageable goal. My tricky part. I love having workout partners and yet finding someone who is in the same space, who has free times and is at a similar fitness level so you don’t hold each back has been difficult. My Hubby has come to convince me that my I-pod will have to be my only fitness friend.

ThinQ Fitness Picture - Lucy Case Videophoto © 2009 thinqfitness | more info (via: Wylio)

So here is the plan, even join the challenge if you want to. Almost every Friday is going to be Fit Friday. I say almost just in case one week I totally botch it and considering we are all human…well you know! 🙂 I’m not going to go into huge details but I want to include the triumphs, struggles, neat fitness finds and deals and whatever have you on this journey.

This past Sunday I started back with my couch to 5k running program. Tonight is going to be my second run and I’m hoping that at least isn’t raining! So Friday will be a recap of this week!

If you have a workout plan, issues with finding a workout buddy, or want to lose a pant size with me by September let me know!

Happy Tuesday!