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The Crazy Cat Lady’s…..Neighbors

I think at some point everyone has heard the stories of the lady that has many many oh so many cats running around. To the point that everywhere you look, there is not one but two cats. At some point during my DH growing up years, he truly lived next to one of these people. He can tell a few stories and the one that I have heard the most was about how their yard was not a yard but a litter box. I don’t know that he has ever recovered.

My husband while truly allergic, has a slight disliking of cats on property. To me it is almost humorous as I watch him run from the car stomping and making noise to shoo them off the property. Well last night topped the cake and I felt the need to share with blog land.

We had just turned off the bedside lamps and were laying down to hopefully peaceful slumbers, when we heard this LOUD MEOWWWCKKKK. Uh Oh….cat fight. Then we heard a whump followed by dut dut dut dut dut….This was our bulldog jumping off the couch and running to our big kitchen windows to see said fight on our front deck. Then he ran to front door and back to kitchen. Now was when it gets interesting. My husband instead of letting things run their course proceeds to hop out of bed and get dressed to go outside. I then hear the doors opening and he is running around on the deck trying to get the cats off our property. If that wasn’t good enough he comes back inside grabs our bulldog and goes back outside with him letting him walk around property and hopefully scare off any hiding cats.

After a few rounds outside he finally comes back in for the evening, completely serious about getting the cats off the property. I don’t know when I’m going to get over finding this little tidbit about my DH incredibly funny. It does irritate me that we have them in our yard just because it riles up our dogs, but that is about it. I have a feeling chili powder on the deck rails may be in our near future. If it can keep ferrel cats out of garbage then I’m sure it can keep neighbor cats off our front deck. ūüôā

You have any amusing stories about a dear spouse little pet peeves? I’d love to hear them.



Memorial day weekend has been a whirl of activities and hanging out with friends. I was telling the Hubs yesterday that I can’t remember a month lately in which we had so many great memory making weekends all in the same month. It as been quite the adventure.

Each night of this three-day weekend I had managed to book with hanging out with friends. While busy it has been awesome. In the mornings Hubby and I have been able to get some stuff done around the house and even went on a bike ride together.

Sometimes I think as adults we forget how to be kids and just be plain old excited about the simple and small things. I already tend to get super excited about the small stuff, but yesterday had a couple of great reminders of what it is like to be a little kid.

Example 1…As I’ve been talking about in my Fitness Friday’s, I am relatively new to bike riding and lack what many kids pick as basic skills. This Sunday when Hubby took me out he helped me practice getting started after stopping at an intersection. (This in our past rides had usually left me quite wobbly!) And I even was able to push myself back in the seat without having to stop on the bike and at the end even stand up and coast a little bit. As I was carefully balancing trying to stand up for the first time I was reminded of the simple joy of learning something new, of being excited with where you are in life at that exact moment.

Benedetta with Scheggiaphoto © 2006 Salvadonica Borgo del Chianti | more info (via: Wylio)

Example 2….Occassionally I will get a Bee¬†in my bonnet and want to do something RIGHT NOW. It can’t wait and someway somehow it is going to happen. Yesterday I had that feeling about wanting to spray paint some tins I bought at a garage sale¬†on Saturday. Only problem was that we didn’t have any spray paint, AND our weekly budget was done and over with no money left for spray paint. ūüė¶ So like any little kid who wants to go get an ice cream cone RIGHT NOW….I climbed on our bed and cracked open our change jar. I carefully started counting out my change, starting to roll it up. In the process my faithful doggy Levi came and curled up right next to me. I think he was helping me find all the quarters. I just remember all the cute pictures of old movies with a kid and their dog sitting on porch steps sharing an ice cream cone. He was chilling on the bed all snuggled up to help me count quarters to go get my adult version of an ice cream cone (the thing I really wanted at the time!)

Sometimes it is good to remember the simple joy from being happy about the place we are in. Jesus says to come to Him like children, to be joyful. This last weekend was an incredible reminder about being content and joyful in the small things today and the childlike faith that Christ wants us to come to Him with.

Hope you have had a fabulous Memorial Day Weekend!!!!!

Brewery’s & Cupcakes

Highlights of Tacoma…

This past weekend we were blessed to be able to go and have some time with Hubby’s Dad. We don’t get to see him so often as he is usually a 6 hour plane ride away. So we hopped in the car as soon as we got the text message that he was going to be off for the rest of the afternoon.

Hubby is on curb...His Dad isn't that short ūüôā

I was pretty proud of myself as this weekend I actually stayed awake the entire trip down there. We picked Dad up and then headed into the heart of Tacoma. Again I had been having fun researching an interesting place to eat. This time I discovered a place called Harmon’s Brewery.

They had pastas, burgers, sandwiches, pizzas, and it was one of those places where it was truly difficult to decide as you wanted to order half the menu if you’ve never been there before. We finally settled on some mozzarella¬†sticks, individual pizzas and then the monster cake. Ok it really didn’t look anything like a monster but it was a 22oz¬†slice off of their 10lb¬†cake served with ice cream and their warm fudgy¬†sauce. 3 spoons and….WOW! AMAZING! INCREDIBLE!

Everything that came to the table was delicious. The guys tried some of their local beers (it was a brewery after all…) I went with my favorite strawberry lemonade. It was the best I’d ever had. They used this strawberry puree instead of strawberry chunks or syrup so you could actually drink and enjoy the whole thing. WOW..Needless to say if you are ever in Tacoma…there is something there that everyone in the family would enjoy!

The waitress was really nice and took the picture for us!

Now to back it up just¬†a little bit…as we were following the GPS to locate the Brewery we were watching all the storefronts. Hubby thought something happened when I squealed with delight as I noticed a cupcake shop!! Being from a smaller town where there might be a doughnut shop or the back of the local grocer bakeries just isn’t the same thing. This was a cute little shop dedicated to cupcakes. I told Eric we had to go see it when we were finished eating.

My First Cupcake Shop!

The shop was called Hello, Cupcake. It was just a precious shop with a great display of cupcakes. It took me a little while to decide on one to take home as I was too excited just looking at their selection and just how sweet their little shop was! We finally decided on a red velvet for me and a coconut cupcake for Hubbs, they were so cute with the perfectly mounded frosting! We ate them the next day after lunch and WOW they tasted as great as they looked.

Hubby with our little order of cupcakes!

It was a great day getting to hang out with Hubby’s Dad. I had warned him in the beginning I was going to take a lot of pictures. And I’m pretty sure he was rather amused at my level of excitement over a little cupcake shop. Either way we had a lot of fun and the only bummer of the day was thinking how long it will be before we get to see him again. ūüė¶

And just one more tidbit before I let you go today…You ever turn around and wonder what happened? I went into the kitchen to grab something that morning and turned around and Hubby had decided to put away his sweatshirt on MY DOG!

He looks like gangster puppy...


Poor little Levi…had a big sweat shirt put on him, even his little paws were through the sleeves.

Silly Hubby…and even though I have a thing against putting dogs in clothes, I couldn’t help but laugh seeing Levi look all gangster with a big hood over his face. ūüôā

Have a Fabulous Day!

The Camera I Love to Hate

Last year Hubs and I went on a vacation to Hawaii. Did good for our budget planning and went with some extra cash in hand. One of the purchases that was slightly unexpected but incredibly worth it was for our Fugifilm XP camera that is water/shock/dust/freeze proof. It took amazing pictures for our snorkeling and adventure on Kauai.

Aren't we adorable??

Then lately when I have been trying to take pictures of all projects indoors for the blog, hoping to inspire people to organize or cook I get what looks like a water spot on the picture. The lens has been cleaned and camera still functions properly, yet the picture looks dirty.

Do you see the spot at the top shelf on the left side??

And then we have today that was crisp and gorgeous outside where our Lughead Levi¬†just wanted to spend the whole day lounging around in the sunshine. (Pretty sure we adopted what used to be an outdoor dog.) So I grabbed the camera and thought I’d try to snap a few of my favorite little boy. No kids yet = lots of pictures of pets. ūüôā And it came out crystal clear. I think I just figured out that my camera doesn’t like the indoors and has decided to show its true personality…Anyways here is my little boy…isn’t he cute???

Lounging in fresh cut grass and sunshine!

¬†At least the camera overall works quite well, but if you ever see a “water spot” in the photo….well now you know!

Do you have fun photographing your pets? Or do you have technology that has “personality issues”???

Happy Tuesday!

Overwhelmed with Options

After a long day and wanting nothing more than to come home, build a fire, and relax; I find that Levi has destroyed or mutilated several items in our house. Shredded paper bags were everywhere.¬† My mom’s Christmas present recently purchased had¬†a big hole in it. My Bible and Nicholas Sparks book were chewed up.¬† Not to mention the many other items strewn over the floor. Now the whole situation was irritating, but being the daughter of someone who worked in the library for over 10 years I was livid about the books. It is an ingrained habit to take care of books so they stay in pristine condition. Buy the hard-cover so they last longer. Don’t dog ear the pages. Don’t write in or mark the books etc. If it is a soft-cover don’t bend the book so you don’t mark the spine. I think you get the picture. (Honestly one of my very few pet peeves!)

Now I want to clarify that both books are still entirely useable. The novel has many indentations along the spine with Levi’s jaw markings and my Bible have his teeth prints over a majority of it and part of the leather has been chewed off. To my eyes theses books are “ruined”. Calming down I realized that looking back 20 years from now the novel would be a good laugh about the first few weeks of owning Levi. However with the Bible, I want it to be in good condition. Used, but nice.

Which leads me to the dilemma, how to choose a Bible??? I’ve done reviews of the different versions before the NIV vs NLT¬†vs NKJV¬†vs NASB. Looked at countless other Bibles in the stores. Tried an online search through a christianbookdistributors¬†and came up with over 4000 options!!!! They have Bibles for every age group, different nationalities, professions, pocket-size vs large print, even a new waterproof Bible for beach time reading. My mind just boggled at that one! I wanted to find something with devotions or a deeper look than my current one but that didn’t narrow the search by much.

C. S. Lewis even has a Bible. I honestly really like the look of it but can’t decide if that is what I want for my regular use one. Our Pastor just recently encouraged the congregation to bring their own Bibles instead of relying on the projectors.¬† I usually don’t because I get distracted reading other things than focusing on the sermon, but I guess I should start. Really that is besides the point. With so many options we have it makes it unbelievably difficult to decide. I have it narrowed down to 3, but then I debate if I am just being materialistic by getting a new Bible instead of using my ripped one. While trivial in the¬†grand scheme it is still a struggle to decide. Any ideas out there?

Option 1 Bible

Option 2 Bible

Option 3 Bible

Option 4 stick to the ripped

Have you ever had something messed up that was sentimental by a pet or child? What was it? Did you decide to keep it or purchase new?

If you read the Bible how did you decide on the version you like? Have you read any of the above choices, and if you have what do you think??


This morning I was running late for work distracted by the cuteness of Levi. He has the biggest dopiest¬†face ever and has totally stolen my heart. So my normal time for leaving when walking to work is 7:10 and usually get to work with 4 or 5 minutes to spare to put lunch away, clock in, etc. Today I walked out the door at 7:14. That would make me late if I walked at my normal speed.¬†So I’m half walking/half running praying I don’t get an occurrence for making it to work late. Watching my co-worker wave as she passes me riding the bus,¬†it was a¬†total Tommy Boy moment. I make it to work with a few minutes to spare. A new PR for getting to work in 11 1/2 minutes, YAY! But as I walk into to work this song comes to mind Time is on my Side (namely because it really wasn’t this morning). Whenever I hear this song I think of the movie Fallen.

Denzel¬†Washington stars this movie about chasing a serial killer. I honestly don’t remember that much of the movie. I probably watched it once over 10 years ago when my mom and I had stayed at a hotel and thought it was a safe bet since Denzel was in it. Scared the you know what out of me and I lied awake a majority of the night watching whatever “happy” channel was on to get the movie out of my head. Reason why the movie still “haunts” me years later you might ask? Let me tell you what I do remember about it.¬† It was a demon form that was able to move from body to body as he wished and killed people. His theme song was the Rolling Stones Time Is On My Side. And that is how you knew he moved because the next form would automatically start whistling or singing this song. ~Spoiler Alert~ The final images of the movie is that he has left even the detective dead and has taken a new form and is walking down the street whistling this tune. I could be slightly off, but it is what I remember. Time was on his side and all he left behind was death and destruction…

I am by no means recommending this movie, but it is a good mental image for me that time is short. Time is precious and not to be wasted. We are given only a set period of time and we don’t know how many days we have on this earth. Satan wants to take our time, living lives that are either really dark (without Jesus) or even just so busy that we forget the BIG picture of what God wants to accomplish with our lives!

Now please hear me that I am in no way suggesting that everyone needs to go live life as a full-time missionary in Asia, India, Africa or wherever. People can be busy with work, kids, finishing a degree or any number of things. And God needs people with those degrees getting the jobs that will allow them to serve in a new places. God needs people who are raising a God-fearing next generation. But no matter what we are doing, no matter what place we are in our lives we need to remember that God is also concerned for the whole world. He has given us as Americans more blessings than we could ask for when we look at the reality around the world.

If our lives are as short as these NW winter gusts in the grand plan of all eternity how much “damage” (for the good mind you) are we doing??? Is the life I am living just for me and my family? Or is it living with a greater purpose, God’s purpose? Would someone see me as the Samaritan who stopped and gave a coat to someone who was cold? Food to someone who was hungry? Gas for the mom looking like she is at her wit’s end? Giving a ride to someone who doesn’t have transportation? (Which someone so graciously gave to me this past weekend!) Mosquito nets for families in Africa that could die from Malaria if they get bitten? I can’t solve all the worlds problems, sometimes I can barely solve my own. But I can do little things as God gives me eyes to see them, ears to hear His call, resources to spread His love to the nations. I want my life’s gust of wind to be gale force and reach the end of the world or as far as God will let it reach! I don’t want to let Satan steal my time on earth and not have lived a¬†life full of purpose for God. I don’t want to have my ashes spread only to have the devil move on still whistling¬†¬†Time Is On My Side! Our time is right NOW. How are we going to use it? Where do you want your gust of life to take you? Let me know!

What Counts?

Last night Eric and I got into a discussion of what would count as TV watching time. Both Monday and Tuesday night I had put a show on for Eric while I worked on my scrapblog¬†in the living room. He promptly passed out while I sort of watched and then worked on the scrapblog. I told him that I thought I should divide the hours of the shows in 2 and call that my time for the week so far. Logically, I only was half watching the shows, right? Eric laughed and said that wasn’t going to work for me and I should count the total show time. His logic is that I should be fully focused on what I am doing. Which in my mind I say I’ m a girl I can multitask, focus haha I’m always focused. ūüôā

BUT for all intents and purposes of what this blog is supposed to be about he is right. ūüė¶ So instead of me sneaking by at 2 hours so far for this week, I’m really at 3:20. So last night I finished my work on scrapblog, set aside the computer, made my air popped popcorn and thoroughly focused and enjoyed my episode of NCIS. (Please note that we do not have cable and when I watch a TV show it is because they are at least a season old so do not spoil anything current as I haven’t gotten there yet ūüôā )

So there you have it. Trying to break TVaholism isn’t easy. I was trying to non-intentionally sneak it and got busted¬†¬† ¬†ūüė¶¬†¬† In other news for this week, I have almost finished another book and have a couple of new ones waiting at the library. Also a couple of Christmas presents are finished and now ready to order. Scrapblog is a wonderful thing!¬†The most exciting is that¬†Eric is ready to start the adoption search. Saturday we are heading to PAWS in Lynwood and see if we can’t find ourselves another 4 legged kid.