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Oh My Goodness

Has it really been around three months since I’ve blogged? I many times thought of great posts or that I need to get back to blogging, but my good intentions haven’t gotten me very far.

While I wouldn’t say that I have new years resolutions I would say that I have goals. Here are a few of them for the new year.

1. Play piano more, my skills have been sliding.
2. Train levi to walk on leash. I like my shoulder in the socket.
3. Pay off Satine and have two paid for vehicles. Yes, I name all vehicles.
4. Finish daily Bible reading plan for year. I have yet to finish a yearly plan, would really like to!
5. Clean/pretty up one section of our front yard.
6. Try out at least 4 more of our camping resort locations.
7. Master cinnamon rolls and try making a gourmet cheesecake.
8. Lose one pant size. Lost one last year, lets go for another one this year. You have to have one weight loss goal, it’s like a requirement.
9. Grow current friendships and make some new ones.
10. Fall more in love each day with hot, hunky, cutiepie husband! That won’t be difficult 🙂

No particular order and lots of randomness, but there you have it. While not on the list, blogging more consistently with keeping up on scrapbooking should be!

Try and fill in a few highlights of the last couple of months over the next few weeks.

Stay fabulous in the new year!


End of 2010

2010 has been full of surprises and things that we never dreamed would have happened. It makes me wonder as we are soon approaching 2011 if it will be a calm year or more of unexpected!

Going into 2011 many people will make resolutions or goals for the year. While there are a couple of things I would like to do in 2011 I don’t know if I would call them a resolution.

  • Pay off 1-3 items on our snowball list
  • Take a  big vacation (Our Ramsey style is all over the place!)
  • Do a few simple house updates
  • Make a huge splash diving into selling Scentsy (https://hardwickfamily.scentsy.us/Home)
  • Take a day out of some weekends to have adventures with hubby. (10)

We will see what happens over this next year. The main thing I want is to follow where God leads our family and grow in a relationship with Him and my husband. And that goal may or may or not have anything to do with my plans written above.

Do you have plans, goals or resolutions for the New Year? What does that look like for you?

No matter what you do have a blessed New Year!